3 Apps to Make the Most of the Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer — 3 Apps for Summer

Okay, somehow it’s already mid-July (?!) and the dog days have settled in. It’s hot. But that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the outdoors (do you remember how you felt in January, dying for the muggy sweat of July sunshine??) We say get outside and embrace it already!

We found 3 of our favorite apps to aid you in your next adventure — from keeping your skin safe to packing the right shorts for a hike. Go ahead, enjoy the dog days of summer like pup with his head on the car window.

Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference

The sun is a beautiful but dangerous thing. Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference’s app will calculate how long your skin can be exposed to the sun without getting burned, using information about your skin type, location, time and SPF you might be using. The app also provides a UV and weather forecast for your location, sunrise and sunset time and current sun position, storing all the facts you need for staying safe in the sun in one place.

We also love: Dark Sky, where you get detailed minute-to-minute weather predictions for your location.

Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference is $0.99 on iTunes. Dark Sky is $3.99 on iTunes.


Off on a hike? An overnight trip? A business meeting? Wherever your destination for however long, packing can be tough. Enter PackPoint — put in your destination, date of travel and planned activities, and the app will plan the rest, organizing a packing list for you based on what you put in. You’ll never forget your _______ again.

We also love: Travel List, where you can add a customized packing list, set with alerts so you don’t leave anything behind.

PackPoint is free on iTunes and Google Play. Travel List is $1.99 on iTunes.


Looking forward to spending the weekend outside, but not sure what to do? Check out RootsRated for the best outdoor activities near you, from paddling and hiking to trail running and backpacking. Let your smartphone help you make the most of the great outdoors.

We also love: Get My Boat, where you can rent boats from locations worldwide, like Airbnb in the water.

PackPoint is free on iTunes and Google Play. Get My Boat is free on iTunes.