4 Apps to Guide You Through Oscar Season

Oscars 2015 — Apps

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced their nominees for the 2015 Oscars ceremony this week, launching us officially into fervent-movie-watching season.

If you’re about to hibernate in the local theater to catch all 8 nominees, we suggest using these 4 apps — we imagine you already have at least two of them — to read up on, get tickets to, or watch the movies at home.

And, if you’re having a ballot competition with equally film saavy friends, don’t forget to create an app. You can input all the nominees (or just those you’re interested in) into People pages, and an pose the most valuable question — who will win best picture? — in a poll.



IMDB is a staple for movie lovers and casual fact-checkers alike, but it’s also a great resource for your Oscar studies. Using the app’s Awards Central feature, you can view info on all the upcoming Hollywood award shows (including the big dance, the Oscars). The Oscar listing has each of the nominees, linked to their profile information, where you can see the cast, crew, trailers, and where to watch. It’s the go-to hub for getting into movie-buff shape.


MoviePass is the companion app to the exciting monthly-membership movie service, which is accepted at most major theaters across the country. For $30-$40 each month, users can see a 2D movie every 24 hours using their app for tickets. It’s the perfect way to jam all the Oscar movies into a weekend (or few weekend) marathon for a much more affordable cost than buying each ticket separately. MoviePass is available free on iTunes and Google play.


Netflix has a couple of the movies nominated this year, mainly in the documentary categories. See flicks “Ida,” a best foreign language film nominee and “Virunga,” a best documentary feature nominee, with your streaming subscription. Netflix is free on iTunes and Google Play.

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video packs a ton of the features nominated (you can see a full list from the Huffington Post). The list includes Best Picture nominees Boyhood and The Grand Budapest Hotel, and the nominated Gone Girl, among others. They’re available for rent or purchase, and some are free if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Amazon Instant Streaming is available free on iTunes and Google Play with additional purchase of the movie or show.