4 Apps to Help You Worry Less on Spring Break

Carefree - Apps for Spring Break


It may not feel like spring where you are, but spring break is approaching (or upon us) for many. Start planning a carefree, sun-filled vacay using these apps, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

While you’re at it, why not create a Yapp for your trip? Put contact information of everyone who’s going, keep an itinerary running, and easily share photos to create a private sort of social network just for your beach or mountain getaway.

Groupon Getaways

Get a great deal fast, simple, and with Groupon’s satisfaction guarantee. Getaways is a standalone app from the deals company, and it offers a ton. You can find all-inclusive hotel packages, air-included trips, and locally-recommended tours for a fraction of the price. Groupon Getaways is free on iTunes and Google Play.


Let TripIt do all the organizational busy work for you. Just forward your travel, hotel, and other information (like attraction tickets, tours, etc.) to TripIt, and it will create an easy-to-follow itinerary so you don’t have to. Share it with your travel mates, and take the extra time to start packing. TripIt is free on iTunes and Google Play.


When it’s snowing outside and you’re heading to Cancun, packing becomes even more difficult. PackPoint can help. Tell the app where you’re going, what for, and for how long and the app will generate a packing list. You can share this with TripIt, pin it to your Android homescreen, and share with friends. PackPoint is free on Google Play.


Keep track of who paid for which cabs, drinks, meals and more. Splitwise stores info on who spent what where, and then sends friendly reminders to pay back your buds so that everyone’s trip stays on-budget. Splitwise is free on iTunes and Google Play.