4 Simple Apps for Doing Simple Tasks

Simple by David Huyck - Apps To Get Things Done


Mobile apps should make life easier; the simpler the app, the better, we like to think. That’s what we’re all about here at Yapp, after all — helping you create your own mobile apps with ease.

But, for all the other goings-on in your life, there are simple solutions. Here are four of our favorite apps that cut the learning curve and work with you to get things done in a tap or two.

Do Button

Create a button that does exactly what you want without going through any other apps. With the app, you make “recipes” that work with your buttons. Design a button that, when you tap it, will email your friends that you’re running late or adjust your Nest thermostat. Do Button is part of a trio from IF (formerly IFTTT, or If This Then That) that also includes Do Note and Do Camera. Your life just got simpler. Do Button (as well as Note, Camera and IF) are available free on iTunes and Google Play.


Okay, okay, I know this one seems puzzling. But forget everything you know about Yo, the viral app that, alone, lets you do one thing — send the word ‘Yo’ to others. But Yo also pairs up with IF (see above!), making for some quirky task automation. If you add IF to your Yo contacts, you can Yo your lights on and off or Yo that reminder email to your roommate about rent. That one little word can do a lot. Yo is available free on iTunes and Google Play.


A couple of weeks ago, we dug into the viral app Meerkat, just as Twitter was unveiling Periscope. The app is pretty similar — you can broadcast video live from your Twitter account — and equally as simple. Open the app and start broadcasting as your community follows along. Periscope has the benefit of being wholly supported by Twitter, plus also has private broadcasting and replay features. Periscope is available free on iTunes.

Square Cash

We have featured Square Cash a number of times because it’s dead-simple and in high use around the Yapp office. You can send or request money from friends with a few taps; pay back your half of dinner in 10 seconds instead of letting it hang over your friendship for weeks. Now, you can also send money in Gmail and soon, through Facebook messenger. We like Cash because of it’s personal app and because of the security that comes with Square.Square Cash is available free on iTunes and Google Play.