5 Apps to Boost your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl XLIV


Next week, Super Bowl XLIX (that’s 49) will be held in Arizona, and broadcast to living rooms and bars across the country. If you’re having a party, now’s the time start putting your Yapp together. Below, we’ve got a few tips to spice up your annual party app, plus 4 other must-haves for the big game.

For our Super Bowl party hosts,  we salute you. You take in the hungry, adrenaline-filled friends and family to revel in America’s game. So, reward yourself — make things a little easier with a Yapp.

Here are our suggestions for what you can do to make your party awesome:

  • Use one of our suggested cover background images to spice up the look of your app. Apply the color of your favorite team (Seahawks green vs. Patriots red — or a neutral navy) to your theme for a customized look.
  • Add a people or simple text page to showcase what’s going to be on the menu. If you’re a Yapp Plus user, you could also take a picture of the spread and detail it using an image and text page.
  • Take a poll of where the party group stands on who will win.
  • Make sure to have a crowd pics page to document the evening!
  • With a news feed page, you can broadcast updates or create a fun-filled game (drinking or non).

Make sure to share your link a few days before the party so that people can download the app and get a feel for the atmosphere.

In addition to your app,  check out the below five apps we’ve picked out to make the most of your XLIX bash!


Remember last year’s lackluster Super Bowl? Thuuz is the app that will ensure you don’t sit around, watching a boring game in hopes something will happen. It gives upcoming games a score (1-100, should or should not tune in), tells you where you can watch them, and will alert you when big plays are happening. Don’t hesitate to flip to the movie channel (but you might miss all the great commercials!). Thuuz is available free on iTunes and Google Play.

Side Chef

Side Chef will take you through crafting the perfect spinach artichoke dip or the best Buffalo chicken wings outside of Buffalo. With step-by-step recipes, tutorials, timers and checklists, it’s exactly the sous chef you need to make a finger-food feast. Side Chef is available free on iTunes and Google Play.

Super Ads

We all know and love the Super Bowl ad parade. Use Super Ads to catch your favorite Doritos commercials from the last 7 Super Bowls, or to reminisce on the Budweiser horses. As you see newbies this year, send in your suggestions for additions. Super Ads is available free on iTunes and Google Play.


If you’re an adult in NYC, there’s no longer a reason to leave the action for a beer run. Swill is one of many booze delivery apps that’ll get you your refills in under an hour. Others include Drizly, Minibar and Delivery.com. Swill is available free on iTunes.


Instead of spelling out your secure wi-fi password every time a new guest comes, use Hotspotio. You can easily share your wireless information with friends (as long as you’re connected on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn). In return, they can complete favors that you request through the app, like ‘Pick Up More Ice’. Hotspotio is available free on Google Play.