5 Apps to Survive the Rest of Winter

Winter - 5 Apps

Winter (we hope) is on it’s last legs as we hurdle toward the end of February. But, while the snow is still falling and the temperatures still hovering at or below zero, we suggest you stay inside and curl up with your favorite mobile device. Spend some time with these apps to keep Cabin Fever at bay.

Dark Sky

To know exactly when you need to hibernate, grab an up-to-the-minute forecast. DarkSky is one of a few (like Minutecast and NOAA) that will tell you if the snow/sleet/wintery mix is going to start the minute you planned to leave for the grocery so that you can either head out earlier, or start thinking about from where you’ll be ordering. DarkSky is $3.99 on iTunes.

Nest Thermostat

Turn up the heat on your thermostat from under the covers? Yes, please. Nest’s app connects with installed Nest thermostats so that you can easily tap from anywhere with a wi-fi connection for warmth. Nest is free on iTunes and Android, and requires a Nest thermostat, which costs $249.

7 Minute Workout

You can also turn up the heat and get rid of restless legs with a quick workout. Johnson & Johnson’s official app for the 7 minute workout syncs with iTunes so that you can listen to your music in the app while you work up a sweat in the living room. It has a variety of moderations to the original workout, and you can create custom sets for yourself. 7 Minute Workout is free on iTunes and Android.


Go for a more manageable binge watching fest with Vimeo. The video hosting site has many of the Academy Award-nominated shorts, as well as original web show programming like High Maintenance. Vimeo is free on iTunes and Android.


We’ll give it to you, snowy winter day — you are gorgeous to look at. If you’re ready to brave the outdoors (even for a few minutes), grab a great phone camera app like Manual to capture the great light and snowy details. The app lets you control your iPhone camera like a manual film camera and is much more hands on than basic apps like Camera or Instagram. VSCO (free) is another great app for taking photos, and has an automatic setting. Manual is $1.99 on iTunes and Android.