Mix up a Cinco de Mayo fiesta with these apps

Mobile de Mayo — Cinco de Mayo apps

The Mexican celebration of Cinco de Mayo — which takes place next Tuesday — will be in full swing this weekend at the local watering holes. Instead of battling the crowds, snuggle up with your friends and your smartphone for a boozy Sunday celebrating the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla.

And hey, there’s always still time to put together an awesome Cinco de Mayo party app! Poll your friends today on the snacks and cocktails they’d like to have, assemble a playlist of YouTube videos, and maybe include a little info about the history of the holiday.

Alcohol Delivery

Food delivery apps are one in a million these days; the newbies on the market are alcohol deliverers like Thirstie. Enter your address, pinkie swear you’re 21, and choose your poison. We recommend tequila for this particular celebration. Thirstie also has recipes so that you can see exactly the alcohol and liquors you’ll need to make your perfect cocktail.

We also love: Minibar for wine, liquor, beer and mixers in a big range of cities and Saucey, which employs locals to deliver and donates some of your dough to Charity:Water. Thirstie, Minibar and Saucey are available free on iTunes and Android.

Cocktail Recipes

Balance is especially valuable when pouring cocktails. The beautifully-designed Highball lets you collect your expert (or amateur) cocktail recipes on cards that you can then share to your network to show off your mixology skills.

We also love: Food & Wine Cocktails for a superbly organized library of spirits and cocktail recipes. Highball is available free on iTunes, and Food & Wine Cocktails is available free on iTunes and Android.

Sharing Cocktails

Little is sweeter than discovering your new favorite cocktail at your new favorite bar. BarNotes helps make sure you’ll never forget it, and more. You can snap a picture, detail the ingredients, and note the bar you first sipped it. Plus, you can learn more about the origins of the drink, how to make it, where else to get it, and who else raves about it. Featured bartenders share their faves on the app as well, so you can discover without that fateful sip.BarNotes is available free on iTunes.