Connect smartphone and computer with these 5 apps

Unite - Connect your Smartphone to your Computer


There is still a small disconnect between the way we use our smartphones and our computers. But the overlap in functionality grows daily.

If you’re using all devices in the Apple ecosystem, you can already connect them fairly seamlessly using Handoff and Airplay. We’ve found a batch of great apps that work mainly with Android phones, easily connecting them to your computers.

Did we miss any of your favorites?


Sync your Android device to your PC or Mac to respond to texts, view phone notifications, and simply transfer files. The best part about AirDroid? You can view many of your phone’s apps on the web, making it easier to keep up with conversations and other goings on without having to unlock your phone regularly. The app allows you complete control of your phone through a simple desktop app or web browser. AirDroid is available free on Google Play.


Pushbullet’s Chrome extension links with the app on your phone to allow for sending files, links, and notes. You can send maps between your devices, or send them to friends using Pushbullet. Notifications are also available through the app, and you can set up which send to your phone (like texts and alerts verses emails). Pushbullet also has an iOS app so that you can easily send information to iPhone users as well. Pushbullet is available free on Google Play and iTunes.


MightyText is a super simple way to send and receive quick texts on your computer. The app on your phone syncs with a Chrome extension which shows notifications on your desktop. You can send SMS, MMS and Group texts, plus save links to read later and maps to refer to as you’re traveling. MightText also lets you schedule texts from your computer and alerts you about your phone’s battery life. MightyText is available free on Google Play.

Chrome Remote Desktop

The remote desktop tool from Google works the opposite of most apps. Instead of accessing your Android device on your computer for text messaging and more while on the desktop, you can instead access your desktop computer from your phone or tablet. This is a great tool to use with your phone or tablet while travelling — no need to lug around a laptop when you can remotely access your desktop and all of its files from your mobile device! Google Remote Desktop is available free on Google Play and iOS.


We love Reflector, which lets you broadcast your iPhone or iPad onto a computer, Android device, or through a service like Kindle Fire TV. It’s not a phone app, as it works with iOS’ Airplay Mirroring function. Just download the app on the device you want to broadcast to and you’ll be able to show off your phone apps from a desktop. This is a great tool for the classroom and for events to show off your Yapps! Reflector is available for download to your devices for $12 to $60, depending on the license you desire.