eBook: Event App Marketing Guide

Are you a marketer or event planner in charge of getting the word out about the mobile event app? You know it’s pertinent to have a flushed out strategy in order to increase the event app adoption rate and get a better return on your event app investment.

That’s why we’ve worked on this eBook: An Event App Marketing GuideHere’s to a high adoption rate for your next event app!

In this book, you’ll get a multi-channel marketing strategy to get the word out about your mobile event app. The guide is filled with customizable templates, tools, and savvy tips to market your event app. Increase the adoption rate for your mobile event app and get a better return on your investment.

The eBook – Event App Marketing Guide contains:

  • A marketing strategy with tips for 6 channels: email, website, social media, in-person, content and print.
  • Tools and resources you can download such as a 3-month event app marketing plan
  • Editable templates for social media posts – just enter your event details and the posts will be auto-generated for you!
  • Customizable handouts and flyers you can use to market the app at the event.

This eBook is all you need to market your event app, increase adoption rate and get a better ROI for your app!

Get your copy of the Event App Marketing Guide here.

Are there some tactics you use to market your event app that weren’t included in this guide? Share them with other event planners and marketers in the comments below!