Free eBook: Transition Events Easily from Print to Mobile

All conference, meetings and event planners will agree that mobile event apps are fast becoming a must-have on the event planning checklist. We recently looked at event planning statistics that show 10 reasons why every event needs a mobile event app. However, there are still organizations who are using some mix of printed paper programs, lengthy email chains with massive attachments and confusing spreadsheets to share event information with attendees and communicate with them at the event. There are many reasons organizations are sticking to paper for events including the cost, technical know-how of attendees and the added time/resources in setting up the event app. All of these reasons come down to one key issue: event planners are concerned it will be a difficult transition for everyone involved – their team, attendees and sponsors.

That’s why, we’ve published a (free) eBook on how to easily transition your events from print to mobile guides.

Goodbye expensive and outdated paper programs, hello instant mobile event apps!

Wasting time, money and resources on paper programs or other printouts is the biggest mistake event professionals make. It’s time to bid goodbye to spending hours in preparing printed bio books and running to the printer. These hefty, expensive and time-consuming paper programs are old news! Learn how you can be a better event professional by taking your events mobile with 4 tactics in this eBook. Get your copy of the free eBook to take your events paperless with mobile event apps now.

Here are three reasons why this eBook is a must-read for event planners at all organizations:

  1. You’ll walk away with 4 tactics on how to convert your attendees into mobile event app fans. Attendees are at the core of every event so it’s crucial that they adapt and enjoy your event app. That’s why we’ve proposed 4 tactics to help you with this transition. Each of the 4 tactics includes several actionable steps you can execute on right away or as soon as you’re ready to take your events mobile. Try all of these ideas and action items or create a custom plan on how to take your event mobile based on your attendees.
  2. The eBook includes a plan to encourage technically-challenged attendees to adopt the event app. This is one of the top reasons we hear why event planners have not transitioned from print to mobile event guides yet. The eBook includes 4 special tips on how to convert the technically-challenged attendees. With these tips, even the late technology adoptors will jump in on the event app fun.
  3. Finally, get tips to show your event sponsors the benefits of the mobile event app. Without event sponsors, you may not be able to produce your fantastic event. If your sponsors are used to the print ad placements, you need to show them the benefits of featuring their brand in the event app. Wth the tips highlighted in this eBook, your sponsors will be hooked and soon they’ll be requesting an mobile app for the next event.

Get your copy of the free eBook to take your events paperless with mobile event apps now.