Celebrate National Donut Day with (duh) Donuts!

National Donut Day

Rejoice, sweet-teeth! It’s National Donut Day, and what could possibly top that? (Sprinkles? Powdered sugar?)

Now that you’re craving donuts, here are a few smartphone-friendly ways to find or make your own delectable treats. Thankfully, it’s Friday, so donut feel guilting treating yo’self.


Krispy Kreme Hot Light

Few things are better than a donut freshly baked, rolling through a wall of sugar glaze. Thankfully, there’s Krispy Kreme to always provide us that luxury. The dough chain, known for it’s “Hot and Ready” light, has a app specifically for locating the closest shop to you and letting you know when the fresh rounds are up. Today, they’re even running a free donut promotion, so go find your treat!

We also love: Dunkin Donuts has an app with virtual rewards and gift cards you can send a friend via text, email or Facebook. They also have free donuts today, with the purchase of a drink. (Hello, perfect coffee break!)

Both are available free on iOS and Android.


Need a donut ASAP? We don’t blame you. Grab Doughbot and you can easily find chains, bakeries, and other classic dough joints at your leisure. You’ll get Instagram photos, Yelp reviews, and easy-to-nav directions. Get eating!

We also love: Foursquare can direct you to the closest donut place in any city, with rankings sourced by local foodies.

Doughbot is available for $1.99 on iTunes, and Foursquare is available free on iTunes and Google Play.

60 Delicious Donut Recipes

Perhaps you want to spend the night in celebrating in the kitchen. Download 60 Delicious Donut Recipes and you’ll get- that’s right, you guessed it- 60 delicious donut recipes! Looking for something specific? You can search for recipes by ingredient or just browse through the options. Then get started with easy-to-follow directions.

We also love: Healthy Recipes let’s you discover recipes for low-calorie, yet tasty desserts. Cinnamon donut muffins? Don’t mind if I do.

Both apps are available free on iTunes and Google Play.