Quick & Easy Design Apps to Show Off Your Weekend

Quick & Easy Design Apps

We all know every sunny weekend is worth sharing. Colorful umbrellas at the beach? Instagram. Rooftop sunset dinner? Facebook. Pizza and Netflix? Snapchat.

But beyond the normal sharing apps (and their normal filters and hashtags) there are a ton of other awesome apps, new and refreshed, to check out. Download these before your weekend adventures and make whatever you do more memorable.



Quick videos are the best way to capture moments. With Magisto, you can make movies from videos and photos in a snap with no editing skills. Choose the videos and photos you want to showcase, pick a theme and add a soundtrack. Magisto does the rest, making a beautiful and sharable flick for all your favorite social accounts.

We also love: Camoji for making your own GIFs that can be sent through Messenger.

Magisto is available free on Google Play, and both are available free on iTunes.


Over-designed photo creations can be a little eye-roll worthy, but Super knows how to do them right. You start with a kindling like “The best…” Finish the sentence and add a photo of your own, or a photo from their stock library. Share with the Super community, or pass it on to Twitter and other social sharing sites.

We also love: Canva for creating the simplest photo designs, infographics, ads…anything. It’s amazing (and how we created the featured image for this post!)

Super is available free on Google Play, and both are available free on iTunes.


Let’s see your hipster side. With Fused, you can layer your photos and videos, creating gorgeously cinematic images. The app also has more advanced editing capabilities, like erasing pieces of the landscape (trees, cars, humans) to make for more appealing fore- or backgrounds.

We also love: Paper for creating designs, diagrams, charts…whatever you want on your iPad.

Both are available free on iTunes.