What the Tech?! Verizon Vehicle

Old Car Phone - Verizon Vehicle

Verizon Vehicle, n;

This simple car add-on aims to modernize older vehicles that are still on the road. With the speed of vehicle technology, many long-lasting cars are far behind on built-in tech. Verizon Vehicle wants to help modernize those drivers’ rides.

The easy-to-install product runs on the Verizon Wireless network across the U.S. and features a few different types of roadside assistance — like SOS for emergencies and GPS tracking for stalled vehicles — and vehicle locating should your car be stolen or lost in a swamped parking lot. Because the device is independent of the car’s radio and operating system (you can install the OBD diagnostic reader yourself), it’s compatible with nearly every U.S. vehicle made from 1996 to today. The box, in short, lets you create your own connected car.

Verizon Vehicle comes with a companion smartphone app that will ping users with car diagnostics, possible issues, and hosts the vehicle tracking ability. The box will be available for $14.99/month starting in Spring 2015.