The Best Apps for Your Wrist’s New Smartwatch

Dick Tracy — Best Smartwatch Apps

Today, the Apple Watch was released online (sorry, no ridiculous lines around the stores to Instagram!) and delivered to those who pre-ordered.

If you’re not convinced yet, you’re not alone. But, there are some really exciting apps popping up for the watch that we wanted to showcase. Many of these apps are already available for Android Wear watches, like the Moto360 and other Google-driven watches.

Take a look and let us know your favorite is missing!


Managing Tasks

There are a ton of great apps for managing your to-dos. Google Keep (available only for Android Wear devices) is one of our favorites. You can easily add notes, photos, lists and due dates. Plus, you can color code each note, share with friends, and can dictate notes instead of typing them to feel just like Dick Tracy!
We also love: Evernote for simple notes that are searchable and Todoist for tasks and lists.


Having a computer on your wrist can make traveling incredibly convenient. Lyft, a taxi-hailing Uber alternative with a quirky personality, is currently the only hail-from-wrist taxi app on the smartwatch market. Instead of holding your arm in the air to hail, tap “Request Lyft” and get picked up at any of your saved locations. Uber also has a smartwatch app, but you can’t hail — only see how far your driver is from you.
We also love: Fly Delta for scannable boarding passes on your person and Transit for public transit directions (and Uber arrival times!) on your Apple Watch.

Everyday Life

This is probably the most interesting category — random apps to make your life easier. Shazam can tell you what song is playing wherever you are, and with an Apple Watch, you simply have to hold your hand in the air to get the result. Then, stealthily follow lyrics that display on your wrist. Technically, Shazam on the watch still uses your iPhone to listen, but has shown exceptionally accurate.
We also love: Level Money which will show you your bank balance as a quick glance and IF for almost literally anything else — just tap a simple button on your watch to link apps.