The Best Fitness Apps for Everyone

Best Fitness Apps — Feature Friday

There are hundreds of fitness apps littering the app stores. Hundreds of overwhelming apps that have a varying audience. If you’re a serious runner, the fitness app you want is probably very different from a yogi.

So which ones are best for you? We took the liberty of hunting for you and found these four apps for the most common fitness needs. Download and enjoy!

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Calorie Counting

Keeping track of your daily food intake is one of the first steps to managing your health and fitness. MyFitnessPal is regarded as one of the best and most widely used tools to track your food intake and exercise. You can easily diary your meals and fitness to calculate your progress. The app can also track your steps, helping to inform your fitness goals. MyFitnessPal is available free on iTunes and Google Play. RUNNER UP: CARROT Hunger. CARROT is known for it’s judgement motivation. It’s friendly snark helps motivate you to work yourself into shape. It’s a calorie counter with a fun game-like element built in. It’s free on iOS.

Step Counter

Pedometers and step-counting saw a big renaissance with the addition of accelerometer chips in smartphones. Accelerometers measure the movement of your phone and are able to translate that into activity. Map My Fitness uses the accelerometer to track your steps, your runs, and your other workouts. You can also enter addition workouts (like weights or gym classes). Map My Fitness is available free on iTunes and Google Play. RUNNER UP: Moves. Moves is a favorite step counter app that we’ve featured a number of times before. It has a great and easy-to-follow design, shows you where you’ve travelled throughout the day, and rewards you for your record steps. It’s free on iOS and Android.

Training Workouts

For triathletes or marathon runners, training is a huge part of daily life. Strava — built specifically for tracking running and cycling — is great for casual runners and bikers, but exceptional for long-distance challenge training. You can record routes, analyze stats like pace and speed, and set personal goals and records to break. Strava is available free on iTunes and Google Play. RUNNER UP: Runkeeper. Runkeeper has similar goal setting and tracking tools and is beloved by runners. You can sync playlists to your saved routes, and the app can track other fitness by loading in workout information. It’s free on iOS and Android.


If you’re using a few different apps to track your health (a calorie counter, a fitness tracker, and a sleep tracker, for example), gathering that data into a useful “score” can be tough. Nudge grabs all the data from your favorite apps (Map My Fitness and Strava included) and helps you calculate a “healthy living” score. You can also input information without syncing apps, making it a great one-stop shop to track your fitness. Nudge is available free on iTunes and Google Play.