Tips & Tricks: Using Meerkat App to Engage at Events

Meerkat App - iTunesBy now, you’ve probably at least heard of Meerkat, the livestreaming video app that exploded onto the app scene through the past few weeks.

The app — right now, only for iOS — lets anyone start a live streaming video that feeds directly to Twitter. News gatherers and organizations have used the app to creatively deliver breaking stories through their Twitter feeds, and bloggers and personalities can connect directly with their communities using the simple app. So how can it help you with your events?

Stream full conference sessions

All too often, big conferences or events with simultaneous goings-on will find sessions filling up and leaving attendees without a session to attend. With Meerkat, no one has to miss out.

Meerkat Twitter Conversation

As the event organizer, grab a few volunteers to log in to Meerkat with either the official Twitter handle, or with their own and a relevant hashtag, to livestream the most in-demand sessions. The app also encourages comments on Twitter from people who are watching, so make it known that questions and +1s can go through the app and Twitter.

Create conversations with Meerkat on Twitter

Get exclusive content from speakers

Maybe a keynote or quick session just isn’t enough time to get all the best questions and stories out of the incredible speakers you’ve booked at your event. Set up one-on-ones that can be streamed through Meerkat for attendees following along.

Talk to exhibitors

If your event is structured around exhibitors or demonstrations, have a few volunteers Meerkat’ing experiences with them. Stream a demonstration of a new gadget at the Consumer Electronics Show, for example, or get an elevator pitch from an entrepreneur displaying for the first time.

Or go hands-on! If you can demo the product or gadget yourself and stream a video from your eyes, it’ll offer a unique perspective for all of those following along on the web.

Spotlight your sponsors

Every event has a slew of sponsors that help contribute to the success of the event. Give them a little extra room to shine with one-on-one chats, product demonstrations, or other fun, short video streams.


Because Meerkat works through Twitter, your users can access links to feeds through your Yapp. If you’ve set up a Twitter page that follows your organization’s account, all the relevant accounts tweeting or, as a Plus user, the hashtag that all of the people posting streams would be using, your streaming links can easily be accessed from inside your event app.

Uniquely, Meerkat videos can’t be saved — they’re pure live streams. They’re a great way to offer a bit more for those attending your event, or give a teaser to those who follow you but couldn’t attend. All of those users watching live can engage, meaning your event will be buzzing at a different level than it would be otherwise.

The best part about Meerkat? It’s totally free. Grab it on your iPhone or iPad today and start planning out how you’ll utilize the tool to increase engagement within your events. Leave your great ideas about how to use the service in the comments below!