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Tidal Music Streaming - What the Tech?! Tidal

Tidal, n;

A new music streaming service, launched by hip-hop artist Jay-Z. A TIDAL membership will run $10-$20 per month, depending on the level of service — prices that have people buzzing.

Jay-Z acquired the Swedish tech company Aspiro, which created Tidal, a few weeks ago for $56 million. The site’s relaunch is aimed at audiophiles, people who listen for the craft more so than for the danceable beats or singalong lyrics. The artists featured on TIDAL have been promised twice as much in royalties as other streaming services (most notably Spotify) offer — as long as their songs are streamed by users on the higher tier. The focus on the artist and the highly-curated audience help explain the new service’s high price tag.

“Streaming” media is delivered from a service to an end-user through the web, without downloads or necessity of ownership. The files can be played before being fully transmitted (which can sometimes result in buffering), but generally cannot be played without a connection to the Internet. Most other streaming services are ad-supported, which brings in far less revenue for the artists sharing their music.

Along with Jay-Z, artists like his wife Beyonce, Madonna, Daft Punk, Jack White and numerous others have signed with TIDAL to stream their music to paying members, including some exclusive and pre-released content.

Will you sign up?