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Yapp in Martha Stewart Weddings

Smart phones are making it easier than ever for your guests to connect with one another. Consider suggesting one or all of these apps to help your nearest and dearest come together before—and after—the big day itself. –Martha Stewart Weddings…

BizBash names Yapp a Top 15 Event Tool

Our first offline mention! BizBash included us in their list of 15 new gadgets, apps and tech tools that are improving the event experience. You can read the online version of 15 Gadgets, Apps and Tech Tools for Meetings here.

All Things Digital: CEO & Pregnant

Pooja Sankar and Maria Seidman are both first-time founders and CEOs of young, venture-capital-backed tech start-ups. And they’re both pregnant and due this summer. Talk about doing it all. Read more here.

The Best of NY Tech Day

More than 200 New York-based startups come out today to show off their wares. The offerings are a bit uneven, but CNET is on the job to call out the best of the best. “Yapp is a mobile app development…

Save paper with your own wedding app!

“In this world full of iPhones and Androids (along with those apps that we don’t know how we survived without) how cool would it be use a mobile app to keep your wedding guests connected? Yapps are now on the…