What the Tech?! KFC Tray Typer

KFC Typer — What the Tech?!

KFC Tray Typern;

A thin bluetooth keyboard KFC customers can sync to their phone to avoid greasing up their screens. The tray inserts are currently running as part of an ad campaign in Germany, and are insanely popular amongst customers — despite being reusable, most people are taking theirs home.

The paper-like Tray Typer keyboard connects via bluetooth to your phone so that you can easily type while eating your greasy chicken and fries without gunking up your screen. While it seems entirely ridiculous, the tool could be quite functional for fast food-loving workaholics.

Previously, KFC ran a techy campaign in Japan with a keyboard, mouse and USB stick for customers, all shaped like fried chicken. (We imagine someone, somewhere probably tried to eat one.)