We won! Yapp and Maria Seidman Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

Entrepreneur Magazine

Back in August, our CEO and co-founder Maria Seidman was nominated by Entrepreneur Magazine as a finalist for their Emerging Entrepreneur of the year contest.

We asked you to vote, and overwhelmingly, you did. Thanks to your support, Maria was selected as 2014’s Emerging Entrepreneur by Entrepreneur Magazine!

Maria Seidman - Entrepreneur MagazineOur whole team is proud not only of our fearless leader, but of our community of users. Without you, Yapp wouldn’t exist the way that it does, wouldn’t be growing, and wouldn’t have received this awesome honor.

“When we make our users look great because they used Yapp to connect to people, that’s when I feel like we’re doing something good in the world,” Maria said in her interview with Entrepreneur Magazine.

You can read the whole article here. And, if you voted, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!