3 Apps You Already Have To Spook Up Your Halloween



Happy Halloween! We hope you’re prepping for a costume’d night, whether you’re trick-or-treating, partying with friends, or parading about town.

If you’re still looking for costume ideas, ways to liven up your spooktacular party, or flicks for a scary-movie marathon, the answers are probably already on your smartphone. (Talk about spooky!) Open these 3 popular apps to get your Halloween started right. More

5 Last-Minute App Halloween Costumes

Still debating what to dress up as tomorrow to celebrate Halloween? Completely forgot about the day of dress-up? No need to recycle that “Ghost” costume — instead, find your favorite app and make it into a costume!

Here are 5 of our favorite apps in costume mode:


DOTS is one of the most addictive smartphone games of the last few years. Plus, it makes a beautiful and dignified costume. Wear a white t-shirt and position paper dots (glued on with a hot glue gun) in patterns. Even better, connect a square or rectangle of dots with matching colored string and add the orb around all the dots of that color, just to show everyone that you’re truly winning Halloween.


Dropbox is a life-saver. This costume could be, too. Get an old cardboard box and remove the bottom flaps. Paint it blue and attach two strings (or fishing wire, if you want to be extra convincing). Wear white on top and bottom. Go the extra mile, if you wish, and take all your friends pictures for save keeping.

Google Maps Pin

A PINnacle costume for any party. Cut a teardrop shape out of red posterboard (or regular posterboard and paint it red). Cut a circular hole in the middle to stick your face through. Then, wear all red and give people directions all night. Even better? Carry around a paper map.

Slack Hashtag

We’re obsessed with Slack (as is everyone who has ever used it, it seems). Take your costume beyond the Twitter hashtag with Slack’s hashtag. Cut out a hashtag shape, but with rounded edges. Paint it a variety of colors (as seen in Slack’s logo), let it dry, then pin it to your shirt. This will be an excellent costume at a Silicon Valley startup party.

Swarm Bee

Foursquare’s check-in app Swarm is an adorable costume with a kick. Put on your best bee costume (if you can find an orange one, props to you) with white wings. Print out a bunch of random badges and hand them out to your friends all night. You’ll be the life of the party (especially if each bag is attached to a fun-size Snickers)!

Is your favorite app missing? Tell us what it is and how you’d make it a costume! Super bonus points if your costume is Yapp :)


Getting Your Group Hooked on Yapp

Our users are all about making awesome Yapps for their groups. What’s the secret to getting everyone on board? For Yapper Monday, we took a look at a few of our users’ popular group apps to gather some best practices.


Send Updates Regularly

Mark Sanderson
Mark Sanderson’s app is an extension of his screenwriting blog. He send out inspiration and tips for other writers on a near-daily basis, posting them into his News Feed and pushing them out for all users to receive. By posting his tips on a regular basis, his followers have something to look forward to every day from his app.

Include Exclusive Content

Bowdoin College
Bowdoin College’s student activities app is one of two places to find the calendar of events. Because the schedule is updated regularly and is available at all the students’ fingertips, they have amassed a huge number of downloads from their co-eds.

Nurture The Community

This app gives fans of "The Voice" contestant Christina Grimmie a place to post their concert pictures, talk with other fans, and keep track of news about the popular young singer. With polls to kick off conversation between fans, and a News Feed forum for updates, questions, and discussion, the app has quickly gained a sizable following.
This app gives fans of “The Voice” contestant Christina Grimmie a place to post their concert pictures, talk with other fans, and keep track of news about the popular young singer. With polls to kick off conversation between fans, and a News Feed forum for updates, questions, and discussion, the app has quickly gained a sizable following.

Stay on top of flu season



Flu season is upon us. On Thursday, Uber teamed up with Vaccine Finder to deliver free, on-demand flu vaccinations in New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C., making your smartphone the key to hailing a house-call.

While their promotion has ended, you can (and should!) still get vaccinated at the doctor or your local pharmacy. We found a few great apps that can find you a pharmacy or clinic, track your symptoms, or put you face to face with a registered medical professional. More

Tips & Tricks: Sell Tickets and Register Attendees

Getting RSVPs, registering attendees, and selling tickets is a stress factor of any event. While your Yapp makes it simple to keep organized during the event, we can now be even more helpful in the planning stages.


If you use Eventbrite, the popular free event registration and ticketing platform, you can now bring that listing info to your app. Add the tickets template page to your app, then log in with your Eventbrite account info. Choose which event you want to import and, voila, all of the information will import in.

You can even replace an ‘Invitation’ or ‘Information’ page with a tickets page — many of the fields are the same, just filled with the information you’ve already added to your Eventbrite listing. Once you pull in the data, you can edit it to show just what you’d like. Maybe you want a little less that what was included on your ticketing page, or maybe a bit more. Click ‘Edit’ in the top right corner of the page on the editor and you can make changes just like you would to any other Yapp page.

If you’re not the owner of an event on Eventbrite, never fear! Once you create an account or log in, you can simple paste in a link to an event listing and it will pull in the same information.

When a user clicks ‘Buy Now!’ s/he will be redirected to either Eventbrite on a mobile browser, or the Eventbrite app, if it’s installed. There, they can go through a secure payment or registration process.

Yapp Updates: Cover image changes & Twitter hashtags

We’ve had a few product updates this week.

First, after a lot of helpful feedback from users on our new styling tool, we’ve added the ability to toggle between cover image styles. Now, you can choose if you want your image to be in a circular frame or a square frame.

When you click edit photo on the cover, you’ll see the option to adjust the frame. Editor 2


Second, you’ll notice now when you’re adding a Twitter page that the option to add hashtags is gone. When you click Wondering where hashtags are? you’ll get a quick explanation of why we’ve had to remove them.

In short, by offering our service free, it allows people to test it out, which we love. However, sometimes, people add in overwhelming hashtags (we’re talking about you, #JustinBieber) which crowd the system and stop hashtags from working for others.

For now, we’ve removed them entirely. If you need hashtags for your app, please email us and we will manually turn them on for you. Eventually, we’ll offer them as part of our Plus plan so you can add them easily from the site.

As always, send us your feedback and we hope you enjoy the new cover editing feature.

Taking Apple Pay Out to Lunch

Apple released it’s iOS 8.1 update Monday, releasing it’s NFC payments system Apple Pay. We checked out this handy list from Wired with all the places you can currently (or very soon) use it. And, because there’s a Subway a few blocks from our office, we took a trip and filmed our CEO Maria paying for her lunch with Apple Pay.

She was the first patron to use Apple Pay, so there was some confusion about how it actually worked. Before NFC, paying required scanning a QR code (like what you do with your Starbucks app). Now, digital payments go through just by scanning the phone against the NFC readers. With Apple Pay, a user has to also use their Touch ID for extra security. Apps like Google Wallet work the same way, but require a PIN rather than fingerprint identification.

Once it was figured out, the process was quick and easy. If you’re planning to visit a restaurant or store that now accepts Apple Pay, watch our video to see what you’ve got to do.

Tips & Tricks for Creating a Stellar Event App

Yapp is perfect for events of all shapes and sizes. From birthday parties to fall break trips to conferences, you can pick and choose your template pages to fit your needs.


Here’s what you’ll need in your Yapp:

  • Invitation: Here’s where you’ll put all of your basic event information. If your event is one day, invitation is perfect. If it last’s longer, use Information instead. And, if you’re using Eventbrite for ticketing or registration, replace this page with the new Tickets page, which can display all of your event info as well as link to sell tickets. This page is a must-have for most events; it holds all the vital details, including the location’s address which links directly to Google (or Apple) maps.
  • Schedule: If you’re packing in workshops, conference sessions, or activities, this will help you keep track of everything. Linked addresses can go in here as well, so there’s no getting lost from one thing to the next. If you’re running a lot of different sessions or activities, or have a conference with multiple tracks, get excited — we have a multi-track schedule page coming soon as a premium add-on.
  • People: Use this to replace those expensive bio books that end up collecting dust as soon as the day is over, conference organizers. Ask your speakers, organizers, or attendees to put their information into a spreadsheet (formatted like our upload template) and then send it our way — we’ll upload all of those bios into your Yapp quickly and inexpensively. This page is also perfect for showcasing sponsors*; include their logos, company names, bios and websites as resources for attendees. If your event is less formal, this is a great page to store contact information so that the group or specific members can easily be reached.
  • News Feed: We’ve featured our News Feed a few times in Tips & Tricks. With it, you can send push notifications, which makes it great for event updates and announcements. But, the page also works like a group chat, which means if your event is a vacation with friends, you can use it to plan travel arrangements and keep track of who owes who money.
  • Crowd Pics: Sharing photos is fun whether it’s with friends, family or co-workers. Anyone with your Yapp can post photos into this page, making a collaborative commemoration space. It has also been used for scavenger hunts, and all the photos can be downloaded afterward to create albums for event guests.

*For bigger sponsors you want to highlight, try adding their logo to a custom cover page. Email us for info!

Depending on what type of event you’re creating for, our other template pages may also be helpful for organizing. The above are the staples, but there’s always room for creativity. Then, once you’ve published your app, it’s time to share and promote. Check out our post full of sharing tips, and let us know what creative ways you’ve used to promote your event apps!