Our Favorite Chrome Extensions to Make Your Life Easier

One of the best things about the popular Google Chrome browser is the ability to add helpful and easy extensions to your navigation bar.

Kicked off by Pinterest’s “Pin It” button, nav bar tools have become abundant. Our team has a batch of favorites that we want to share with you to use while you’re putting together your Yapp.


Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper lets you take colors from all over the web and apply them to your designs. Yapp Plus users can use Eye Dropper to select hex codes of colors to set up their custom style colors.


Grammarly protects you from bad grammar. While the tool doesn’t yet integrate with Yapp, if you’re typing a message for a Simple Text page, try doing it in Gmail and checking it with your Grammarly extension before posting it in your Yapp.


Bitly will pretty up those long links. If you’re sharing a Google Form for RSVP’ing, for example, bitly-fy the link to shorten it and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Page Ruler

Measure any space on your webpage with Page Ruler. If you forget the size for a custom cover, for example, you can measure out your cover page to remember that the size is consistently 640 by 920 pixels.


Find the name of any font on the web and see the size, color, and source. Coming soon to Yapp Plus is the ability to add custom fonts to your Yapp. If you want to match a style or brand, you’ll be able to turn on WhatFont, hover over the desired font, and download to use.

Tips & Tricks: Color Your Yapp Users Impressed with Custom Colors

With our new style picker, we’re modernizing the look of your Yapps and making the back end of our system more suited for adding awesome custom features. One of our favorite new features so far? Custom color.

Custom Color

As a Yapp Plus subscriber, you’ll get to apply custom-picked colors to all of your Plus apps. If you have brand guidelines to follow, you can easily plug in the hex code for your organization’s color. If you just want to match an image or logo that was designed, you can “eye drop” the color with a variety of tools.

If you have the image open in a program like Photoshop, you can use the eyedropper tool to find the shade in your image, and then pull the hex code. If the photo is more easily accessible on the web (or if you’ve already loaded it onto your Yapp), try a Google Chrome extension like Eye Dropper, ColorZilla, or ColorPick Eyedropper. They’ll let you click on a color and pull the hex code, which you can then plug into Yapp to set up your custom color.

Because the styles all currently use white fonts, we’d advice that you stick with black-based, darker colors so that you can read your information. Soon, we’ll have a good solution for this, for those of you who want to use lighter colors.

If you’re not a Yapp Plus subscriber, but you want to take advantage of custom colors, you can add it to your Yapp for an a la carte fee. The cool new customization tool lets you take more control of your Yapp’s look and feel and add additional branding. We’re excited to introduce it, along with custom covers and (coming soon), custom fonts as a set of solutions to make your Yapp stand out.


What the Tech?! Hour of Code

Hour of Code - Morse Code

Hour of Coden;

A one-hour introduction to computer science, organized by anyone through The sessions are meant to teach the basics to learners of all levels and ages.

While an hour can be an Hour of Code event, the organization focuses on Computer Science Education Week (which is this week, Dec. 8-14). The goal is to spark students, young women, and underrepresented populations to participate in computer science and see that learning code isn’t as difficult as it seems. The event is backed by organizations like Microsoft, Apple, and the College Board.

In the sessions, students can use computers, tablets, and phones to start learning the basics of writing web code. They encourage “pair programming,” or the joint work of two students who can help each other through foreign concepts.

Anyone can host a session or submit a tutorial to Hour of Code. The organization provides tutorials, how-to guides, and other resourceful handouts to guide organizers, in case they themselves aren’t well-versed in coding . So far, through the organization 15 million students have started learning code, including more than 10 million girls.

Find a Computer Science Education Week event for Hour of Code on their website.


Go Green with Yapp on #GreenMonday

Ever heard of #GreenMonday? Us either, until today.

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s the third largest shopping day of the year, as coined by eBay in 2009, and is all about making green.

With Yapp, we’re all about saving you green and going green; using one of our apps instead of printing informational booklets, schedules or bulletins helps both your wallet and the environment, giving you a little extra to spend on holiday gifts this #GreenMonday.

Check out these Yappers, who’ve saved green by moving their communications to Yapp. More

Your App-Powered Holiday Gift Guide

Appy Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season kicks into gear, we’ve got your ultimate tech-filled gift guide. All of these gadgets are under $500 (most are less than $100!) and are either app powered, or will help power your apps.

Check out all the goods on our Pinterest board below, where you can buy them with a few clicks.

Follow Yapp’s board Your App-Powered Holiday Gift Guide on Pinterest.

Another great app gift for your favorite team member? A subscription to Yapp Plus! If you want to give your organization or team the gift of incredible app-creation features, head to our site and upgrade, or send us an email to help out with a gift subscription!

Appy Holidays!


Tips & Tricks: Getting the Perfect Image Size

When you’re adding an image to the cover page of your Yapp, we know you want it to look good. That main photo is the first thing that users see when they open Yapp on their phone’s, and it should look as good as you intended it to.


To get the perfect fit on your cover image, People profile photos, or gallery images, make sure your images are square. We recommend that they be at least 500×500 pixels.

If your image or logo is already a square, it will fit proportionally in your Yapp. If it looks blurry, make sure it isn’t too small — anything less than 1.5×1.5 inches probably is.

If you’re dealing with a rectangular image, you’ll have to do some resizing. You can’t currently do that directly in Yapp’s editor, but we do have some easy solutions for you if you’re not a Photoshop pro. To do this, you can’t use Word or Paint — these programs don’t change the actual image, just the current iteration of that image within the program, and won’t be helpful.

To make sure that your photo doesn’t stretch or squish, you’ll want to edit what’s called the photo canvas — the area that your photo sits on. If you think of your logo as a cut-out or sticker, you want the piece of paper that you put it on to be a square.

If you have Photoshop, you can use that to edit your canvas. They also offer a 30-day free trial, if you want to try out the program before purchasing. We also recommend the free online editing tool Pixlr. With either of these tools: open your image, click Image in the top toolbar, click Canvas Size, and resize the canvas so that the smaller side is equal to the longer side. Then save and upload to Yapp.

For a visual look at resizing via Pixlr, we’ve put together a quick tutorial to help out.


What the Tech?! #GivingTuesday

Support your favorite charities, non-profits, and organizations today.

Giving Tuesday, via

#GivingTuesday, n;

A day dedicated to giving back to organizations that spread good and charity around the world. Started in 2012 by the 92nd St Y and the United Nations Foundation, Giving Tuesday has grown through social media and support from big organizations giving back.

Here are some of our favorite digital movements and organizations to support:

  • #UNselfie Hour from +SocialGood — post your unselfish-selfies with the #UNselfie and #GivingTuesday hashtags. From 4-5pm ET, +SocialGood will share one #UNselfie every minute for 60 unique pieces of unselfish content.
  • #GivingTuesdayNYC #IRL with Indiegogo and GivKwik — leaders will join together in NYC to hear from nonprofits and give grants to the fan favorites, as voted on through tablets and smartphones.
  • CrowdRise virtual giving tower — the fundraising platform created an app to measure the donations made on #GivingTuesday. Donate through the app and see the virtual tower grow.
  • Bitcoin Giving Tuesday — a number of Bitcoin organizations like BitGive and Bitcoin Foundation are joining the movement, donating 100% of funds given through their site will go to a nonprofit of your choice.
  • And many more… Check out other featured #GivingTuesday campaigns on USA Today and Mashable, or find an organization that speaks to you and donate.

Background Templates for Your Thanksgiving Yapps

Thanksgiving is just around the corner in the U.S., and we’re thankful for all of you incredible users.

To show our love, we decided to make a few attractive background images for your new cover pages, to help spice up your app’s look (and make it super simple to create one in time for the holiday!).

Thanksgiving Yapp Covers


These four were designed by our team for you to use, and we’ve also curated some royalty-free stock images on Pinterest that you can try out.

Want More? Head to Pinterest!

Once you’ve set up your beautiful new cover and added content to your Yapp, share it with your friends and family (and us!). We would love to see your Yapp creations — send them to us via social media, email, or in the comments here.

Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Yapp!