Background Templates for Your Thanksgiving Yapps

Thanksgiving is just around the corner in the U.S., and we’re thankful for all of you incredible users.

To show our love, we decided to make a few attractive background images for your new cover pages, to help spice up your app’s look (and make it super simple to create one in time for the holiday!).

Thanksgiving Yapp Covers


These four were designed by our team for you to use, and we’ve also curated some royalty-free stock images on Pinterest that you can try out.

Want More? Head to Pinterest!

Once you’ve set up your beautiful new cover and added content to your Yapp, share it with your friends and family (and us!). We would love to see your Yapp creations — send them to us via social media, email, or in the comments here.

Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Yapp!



What the Tech?! Spotify Thanksgiving

This week, we’re bringing you a fairly straightforward — but incredibly fun — tech service that’ll make your Thanksgiving even better.

Yappy Thanksgiving - Spotify Thanksgiving

Spotify Thanksgiving, n;

A web-only offering from music streaming service Spotify that curates a playlist while you cook.

Sweat no more over a cooking playlist or a commercial-riddled radio station. With Spotify Thanksgiving, you can make the perfect jam session by putting in the weight of your turkey, choosing a genre, and then letting the music flow.

For a 10-pound, stuffed turkey, you’ll need 3-3.5 hours of tunes, Spotify calculates. Then you can select from Americana, Family Time, Feeling Thankful, Club Kitchen, Freshly Baked and Golden Oldies stations, depending on your audience. Club Kitchen is best for a pre-Friendsgiving party while Family Time will please kids and grandmas alike.

Enjoy the jams, and have a truly filling Thanksgiving!

P.S. — don’t forget to make a holiday Yapp, decorated with stellar background images we’ve curated!


5 Apps to Help You Conquer Thanksgiving

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year? There’s plenty to stress about — is the turkey thawed? Can I fit pies in the oven with bird? Is Dan still a vegan? — but thankfully your smartphone is nearby to assist at every turn.

Download these apps to be your personal sous chef and grocery assistants. And don’t forget to create your own app for your Thanksgiving festivities or to bring your far-apart family together for the holidays. More

Introducing Yapp Plus

Since Yapp’s launch two years ago, we have been proud to give hundreds of thousands of people the chance to create powerful, great looking mobile apps for free. It fits with our mission of putting mobile creation in the hands of the masses so that YOU can connect better and more personally. That mission hasn’t changed — you will still be able to create apps for free with Yapp.

Our other goal is to create a sustainable business so that we can continue to make Yapp even better.  So, we are excited to announce the biggest addition to Yapp ever — Yapp Plus.

Yapp Plus

Tips & Tricks: Keep Family Close for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is on its way, kicking off a season of festivities, food and family.

Even if your family is far apart, you can share words of thanks (and pictures of turkeys) with an app.

Come Together with an app for the family this holiday season


Create a simple app — use News Feed and Crowd Pics, plus maybe an Information or Simple Text page to explain for those less tech-savvy. Fancy it up with a stellar cover page and a custom Yapp ID (use your surname, for instance).

Then, send an email to your fam (nuclear or extended, whatever feels right) with the app, explaining that you can all use it to share updates, post pictures, send messages, and generally keep in touch. Make sure to include your Yapp link in the body of the email so that they can easily access it should they have trouble downloading.

From there, it’s up to you! Instead of emailing or messaging photos, post them into the app. Send Thanksgiving hellos to mom and dad, compare dinner spreads, and foster childhood football rivalries all in your News Feed page.

And the best part is — the app doesn’t have to end with Thanksgiving. You can easily edit your theme and cover so that the family can use it to keep in touch year-round. It’ll make for a great tool in planning the annual get-together, rather than trading email after email.

Send us your family and holiday Yapps!

What the Tech?! MICA


MICA, n;

My Intelligent Communication Accessory; a smart cuff designed by Intel and Opening Ceremony as a high-fashion tech accessory for women. The tech and fashion brands combined to bring women an attractive solution to the clunky smartwatch market. More

5 Apps to Help Quench Your Interstellar Thirst

Space is the talk of the universe for those who have seen Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending new flick “Interstellar”. A tale of travel through and beyond the galaxy, the movie brings a lot of incredible space views and ideas to the public eye.

If you’ve seen the movie and are reeling for more, or if you’d prefer to get your space research in first, try these apps to dive deep into the infinite space beyond the Earth. More

It’s Yapp’s Birthday!

As we head into our third year, our team took a chance to highlight all of the awesome things that we’ve done since our 1st birthday. Take a look at all of these awesome updates and achievements!

Yappy Birthday - Yapp turns two

Here’s to a great year 3!


What the Tech?! Handoff

Apple Handoff — I'll take the next leg on this one


This feature from Apple syncs your iOS devices and allows you to work seamlessly between them all. If you’re working on something on your computer but have to run, you can easily switch to your phone and pick up where you left off. This works whether you’re writing an email or browsing the news.

Handoff comes in conjunction with other continuity updates, like those that let you answer calls and texts on your Mac. These all require iOS 8 on your phone or tablet and OS X Yosemite on your Mac. With Handoff, when your devices are within Bluetooth range and recognize one another over a WiFi network, you’ll be alerted on the device you’re working on that you can switch over to the connected device nearby. The list of compatible apps is limited — and almost entirely from Apple — including Mail, iCal, Messages, Maps, Safari, and Keynote, among a few others.

The feature works fully with iPhone 5 or later, new iPads (Airs and Minis), and the newest iPod touch when connected to MacBooks, Mac Pros, Mac mini’s and iMacs. Once Handoff is enabled in settings, Bluetooth is on on all devices, and their connected to the same WiFi network, the multitasking can begin.