8 Ideas for Your Sales Meeting Mobile App

Working a Sales Meeting App for the Kick-Off or other strategic events for the sales team? Here are some ways to supercharge the app and improve engagement in the app and at the meeting!

    1. Start off with a inspiring Welcome page: Add a short and motivating welcome note from the head of sales or other key leadership personnel. This will set the tone for the app but also the meeting, before they get there! Use the Rich Text page to add some color and personality.
    1. Feature photos from last year: If you have photos from last year, upload them to a Gallery page. It’ll take seconds and it’s a great to get everyone reminiscing about the last meeting and excited about this year’s!
    1. Add a FAQs page: Get the same questions from the team often? Add them to the app on a Simple Text page. Save time by giving everyone the information they need at their fingertips. Some ideas: Attire, directions, Wi-Fi instructions, parking details, how to get around and other venue/location related information. If needed created dedicate pages such as a city guide.
    1. Use Crowd Pics to collect photos: We recommend using a fun label such as “Candid Photos” or “Selfies” that matches your theme as well as motivates the team to upload photos and join in the fun. Pro tip: You can export these photos (and other items) from the app with Content Export.
    1. Add some personality to the team listing: If you’re creating a team listing using the People page (which you should!), use the about section to add some personality. Ask the team to answer a fun question pertaining to the theme of the meeting and include the response in the about section.
    1. Use Polls in the app: Whether it’s to drive some engagement leading up to the event, get real-time votes or just for fun, Polls are a great and easy page to utilize. Some ideas: “What are you looking forward to most for the meeting?”, “How many years have you been to the meeting?”, “Who do you vote for best new team member for the year?”
    1. Highlight rockstars in the app: Use the Sponsors page to highlight some of the best team members. If you have an Awards ceremony as part of the meeting, this can be a great way to highlight last year’s winners leading up to the event and reveal the winners for this year when you’re ready. Pro tip: With Yapp’s new draft mode feature (coming soon!), you’ll be able to have the page ready in the editor ahead of the event.
  1. Supercharge engagement with Social Feed: Make it easier for the team to connect and interact with each other by adding a Social Feed page to the app. They can only post photos, comments and questions but also ‘like’ and comment on individual posts by their peers.

BONUS: Use the app to test a potential sales team internal communication app: Many of our clients started off with a sales meeting or conference app and due to the success and popularity of the app, launched a separate internal communication app to connect and engage the team year-round. Here is Cole Haan’s inspiring story.

Want to see if Yapp is a good fit for your Sales Meeting? Give it a try for free with our 14-day free trial.