What the Tech?! Ello


Ello, n;

A simple new social network touted as the ‘Anti-Facebook’. Currently in invite-only beta, people have been buzzing about the ad-free social network which is making a direct punch at Facebook.

Ello doesn’t sell ads or user data, which is the main business model of Facebook and Google. The only information they collect is entirely opt-out and is used internally to make the network better for its users. Certain features are available for users to purchase, but the network is wholly free to use. The network works like a mix of Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, with a simple personal feed that allows for large images, gifs, views and comments. There is a selection of public profiles you can check out right now to see how people are using Ello, as the wait to join is probably pretty long (we’ve been waiting at least 5 days).

Once you’re given a code to join Ello, you can create a profile using any name you want (similar to Twitter and against Facebook’s only-real-name policy). Friends can follow you, you can follow friends and others. It was built by artists as a hub for artists, which makes it a great place to share photos and artwork. Soon, there will be an iOS and Android app for users. Right now, it doesn’t appear to have any functions or features that Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr don’t have.

When Yapp is able to join, we’ll update this post with more information about interacting with the network!