7 Reasons Why We Love Mobile Apps (and you should, too!)

It’s no secret that we love apps. (If it is, please alert us immediately.)

Apps are at your fingertips. The good ones are quick, seamless, and easy on the eyes. Most of them are free, and they make our busy lives incredibly compact. There are a million other reasons, so let us count the ways (at least 7 of them).

1. News and updates upfront

Content is king, as they say, and notifications are king. What good is incredible content if no one knows it’s out there? Apps can send push notifications to tell you weather alerts, remind you to call mom, tell you your friends’ birthday is tomorrow.

2. DIY, anywhere

It’s incredible how much you can learn and do with just an app. Learn piano on a bus? Yep. Send a personalized note to your big sister? Sure. Start dinner? With the next smart-connected Crockpot, you can indeed.

3. Personalized assistance

The magic of GPS. By knowing and transmitting your location, apps like Foursquare can bring you to nearby restaurants offering specials or ones like Uber and Hailo can pick you up. Add on the new iBeacon tech and the deals will come to you once the signal says you’re in the right store or area.

4. Everything in one place

Especially at Yapp, we love that apps can give you a ton of information in one place. Instead of hunting for photos here, maps there, calendars all over, and flipping through emails for everyone’s contact, apps like Yapp can give you a one-stop place to keep all of that information, in the phone that you’re using all the time already.

5. Connecting people

Social is now a huge part of every aspect of life. You can connect with old friends, current colleagues, and new people in your area through a variety of apps. With Yapp, you can bring together a current network of people big or small and share photos and notes with them.

6. Always something new

New apps appear every day in the app stores, bringing fresh ideas and technologies to your life. Being a lover of apps puts you at the forefront when these new releases hit the stores, so you can experience the good/bad/ugly of what’s current. Sometimes you’ll get a dud, other times, you’ll get a Snapchat.

7. A doorway to the future

Ten years ago, apps were merely precursors to dinner. Now, apps can help you decide on which pre-dinner goods to order from where and have them delivered to your door. With new tech like Google Glass and OLED everything, apps will eventually be even more abundant and will seamlessly connect depending on your personal routines.