Exploring Yapp’s New Features: Practical Enhancements to Improve the Yapp Experience

At Yapp, we continue to evolve using feedback to make practical improvements that make the app more user-friendly and efficient. Let’s dive into what these latest features offer and how they enhance your Yapp experience.

1. Schedule Items on a Speaker’s Profile

Now, with a simple glance at a speaker’s profile, you can see all the sessions they’re involved in. This feature helps to ease navigation within the app. It’s a straightforward addition aimed at helping you quickly find and engage with the sessions most relevant to you.

2. Sort by Company on People Pages

Sorting by company on People pages helps aid app creators in categorizing participants. This enhanced feature offers a neater and more organized view for everyone, potentially aiding in your networking efforts by providing clearer information.

3. Upload PowerPoint Files

The ability to upload PowerPoint files directly helps reduce steps for app creators saving time. Previously, PowerPoint files needed to be converted to PDF in order to upload. This update is about efficiency and convenience, ensuring presentations are uploaded smoothly and without format concerns to improve the creator experience.

4. Document Card

The Document Card feature expands your ability to embed information directly into Rich Text documents. This integration means your users don’t have to switch from a Rich Text page to a Documents page in order to view a document you mention. Less time searching for information, more time engaging with it!

5. LinkedIn and Instagram Fields on Sponsor Pages

The addition of LinkedIn and Instagram fields to Sponsor pages helps improve the connections you make with sponsors and exhibitors. These fields were requested by several customers, and they offer more ways to connect and interact via the Yapp ecosystem.

Continuous improvement of Yapp is our mission

Each new update in Yapp is a step towards a more efficient and user-friendly experience. These features are part of our commitment to continuously refine and improve the app for both creators and users. These enhancements are automatically available to all users, ensuring everyone has access to these practical enhancements.

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