Your Tech Proposal: 5 Ideas for an App-y Engagement

Marry Me?

After reading that 15% of women in the UK would prefer a marriage proposal over the phone or social media, we brainstormed a few ways a guy (or gal) could pop the question using their apps.


Love is eternal, but Snapchat is not. A good bet if you think she might say no. (Or, try out the new replay feature. Or! Make it your story. She [and all your friends] can watch it over and over for a day or two.)



“Will you marry me?” is only 18 characters. You have plenty of space to add a name, and maybe an “I love you”!


For good measure, this proposal is more direct (and has an answer!):



Twitter 2


Words With Friends.

Words With Friends
This one is risky. First, you need all the right letters. Second, you have to make sure your future spouse doesn’t steal your spot with a word like “Mustard” or “Zooms”.



Vine’s 6 seconds, unlike Snapchat’s, will loop over and over and over, so you can experience the question a million and a half times.

(This was the first Vine proposal on the books.)


Make One.

This app starts as a Harry Potter quiz that was touted to the girlfriend as a promotional game to win tickets to the last movie. This was the last question. If you want to make a Yapp for your wedding proposal, let us know.