Planet Earth is asking you take your event mobile today

Today, April 22nd is Earth Day. Earth Day is a movement that started in 1990 to spread awareness about the importance of taking care of our beloved planet, Earth.

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” — Cree Indian proverb

What this proverb reminds us is that environmental issues cannot be ignored. We need to pay attention to actions in our day-to-day lives that can be harmful to the planet. This includes the astronomical waste created at events.

Going paperless and switching to event technology such as mobile event apps can help address a few major environmental hazards from paper. Are you printing event agendas, bios or programs for each attendee? What about the last-minute inserts for sponsors and inevitable changes? What about the paper utilized in the form of cardboard such as shipping boxes? The harm to the planet from using paper for your events much larger than you’d imagine even for a small event!

Even a small event with 1,000 attendees and 100 sheets of A4 regular printing paper distributed per attendee causes tremendous damage to the environment and our planet.
tree-824429_640  12 trees destroyed

1 ream (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree. For a small event this would mean 12 trees have to be cut down and destroyed. This can add up quickly for the 1000s of events of all sizes going on around the globe. This doesn’t include paper used for other items at the event such as the boxes for shipping, cardboard signage or paper plates and cups utilized by the venue. Paper at your event can be resulting in the loss of several valuable and scarce trees.

co2-1076817_640 0.75 tons of CO2 emissions

As trees are cut down for paper production, so is the oxygen that those trees would have otherwise produced. More harmful though is the production of CO2 from wasted paper. In the landfill, where 80% of discarded paper ends up, the decomposition of paper produces methane, a greenhouse gas with 21 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide. For the aforementioned event with 100,000 sheets of paper distributed, 0.75 tons of CO2 emissions are released into the atmosphere. For context, a car would have to drive over 1,200 miles to produce that much CO2. Not only is your event wasting trees by using paper agendas, it is also harming the atmosphere.

drops-of-water-578897_640  1 million liters of water wasted

10 liters of water is needed to make one piece of A4 paper. For the small event mentioned earlier, this could mean 1 million liters of water. If this number isn’t astonishing enough, add in the fact that 1 in 10 people or 663 million people lack access to safe water in the world. Wasting water is not only harmful to the environment but also to fellow human beings.

As the number and size of events grow, so does the negative impact of using paper programs at those events. The time to go mobile with your event programs, is now. 

Besides the positive impact of using event apps on our planet Earth, there are a few other major benefits of using event apps worth highlighting:

 You’ll save money by eliminating or at least heavily reducing the printed programs.

 You’ll have flawless programs despite the last-minute changes with event apps that allow you to publish changes instantly.

 You’ll cut significant time and headaches on event preparation by opting for an easy-to-use app creation platform.

 Your participants, whether they are millennials, boomers or in between, want a mobile app. Smartphone penetration is at 87% and majority of the time spent on phones is in mobile apps (versus a browser). It’s time to give your attendees what they want. 

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Happy Earth Day!