Feature Friday: Apps for Volunteering & Doing Good in Wake of Sandy

It’s been incredible to see the NYC community come together in the wake of Sandy. There are still many New Yorkers without food, heat and power, and they need our help. With that in mind, we’re inspired today to share our favorite apps to help us volunteer and do good.

VolunteerMatch – With over 62,000 volunteer opportunities, VolunteerMatch helps good people and good causes connect based on cause interests. Share your activities with your friends and family while you find the opportunities most interesting or closest to you.

Pay It Forward – This app was inspired by the Haley Joel Osment and Kevin Spacey movie by the same name. This app sends you a daily notification with a simple act of kindness that is designed to be social and effective. 

Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide – This app provides the most update tricks, tips and instructions on providing emergency care. Better yet, this app works offline so that you have access to the information – regardless of your cell service. 

Cause.it – This app hasn’t quite hit the market yet, however, sneak peaks describe it as Foursquare for altruism. Users earn points for volunteering that can be redeemed at local businesses. 

There aren’t too many of these kind of apps out there, so we’d love to hear your recommendations! What apps are you using most after Sandy – for volunteering or otherwise? Let us know here.