Featured: Greencross Limited Store & Clinic Leadership Conference Mobile Event App

“There isn’t an event website, we have done everything through the app – this is the 7th year the company has had a national conference and the first year an app has been used. Yapp has been perfect in providing us the platform to give this info to our delegates prior to the event and I have had great feedback from the team about how user friendly it is.” – Stefanie Spinks, Greencross Limited

About the Greencross Limited Store & Clinic Leadership Conference 

The theme for the 7th annual conference is ‘Better Together’ and the aim is to bring both sides of the business (vet and retail) together to align on company objectives and move towards a common goal together as a team. In attendance were managers and other leaders from stores and clinics from Australia and New Zealand, as well as front facing support office staff.

Peek Inside the Mobile Event App

App Features Used

  • Multi-track schedule for the conference agenda
  • People pages for bios of the team
  • Documents pages for learning docs, table plans and other event logistics
  • Sponsors listing page for supplier sponsors, hotel special offers as well behind the scenes acknowledgements
  • Social Feed that continues to buzz weeks after the event is over
  • Gallery for maps and travel hacks
  • Information pages for code of conduct, app overview and how to personalize the agenda
  • Simple text page for general event, hotel and contact information
  • News Feed for conference updates and push notifications
  • Polls
  • Tickets with Eventbrite integration for activity registration
  • Push notifications and reminders about key updates
  • My Schedule for personalized schedules for attendees

Explore the mobile event app first-hand!

To download the app on a mobile device:

  1. Visit http://my.yapp.us/AKQ4GV on your iOS or Android device and follow the instructions on the page.
  2. You’ll be asked to install Yapp from the app store (if you don’t have it already).
  3. Open Yapp and tap “Download an existing Yapp” and your app will appear.

To view the app on desktop: Visit http://my.yapp.us/AKQ4GV.

Why we love this app:

The Greencross Limited Store & Clinic Leadership Conference app had close to 50,000 total views from 570 installs with an average of 80+ visits per user. The app’s Social Feed, continues to see posts even weeks after the event. The reviews from the app users are unanimously positive. Overall, it was a very popular app and it is clear from looking at the app that it was at the center of the event experience. The app creator has gone above and beyond to leverage Yapp pages and features in innovative ways that fit perfectly for the event. Some of our favorites include:

  1. Information page for How to personalise agenda so attendees know how to take advantage of the My Schedule feature.
  2. Gallery page used for Travel Hacks.
  3. Sponsor page used for Behind the Scenes highlights about the rockstars who made the event happen.

Why Greencross Limited Loved Yapp

“The app gave us a platform to have all information in one place and to communicate this info to the team members prior to the event. What I liked about it the most was that I could tailor make the app and its content to what I wanted as opposed to paying a third party to do this and then having to communicate our needs through them. By eliminating the third party, I was able to complete content and make changes in a more efficient manner.” – Stefanie Spinks, Greencross Limited


Why Greencross Limited Attendees Loved Yapp

Out of 100 attendees who left feedback about the mobile event app, the most popular word was “great” which was used 40 times. Other popular phrases included “easy to use” and “help[ful]”. The most popular page mentioned in the feedback by far was the Social Feed page because it helped take networking to the next level.

“Great idea!!!!!”

“This was fantastic, great way to now connect with other people that you met at conference. Great to have the agenda at your fingertips. Loved the social pages :)”

“Whoever came up with this idea deserves a pay rise.”

“It was a great tool and having the ability to quickly have updated information was really helpful. I loved the ‘meet the team & social feed’ options. They really brought another level to our networking.”

“Great innovation and added to the sense of togetherness for the conference.”

About Greencross Limited

Greencross Limited is the largest pet provider in Australia and New Zealand with over 200 stores, operating under the brand names of Petbarn and City Farmers in Australia and Animates in New Zealand. In addition to selling pet food and accessories through our store network and online platform, Greencross offers a wide range of pet services including grooming, dog washing, obedience training and pet adoption. Greencross also owns and operates Australia’s largest network of veterinary practices with over 130 clinics including general practices, specialty and emergency centres, pathology labs and pet crematoria.