Introducing New 2017 Yapp Mobile Event App Plans

Over the last months, we launched many new mobile event app features such as Session Feedback, Sponsor Listings, Social Feed as well as admin features such as App Analytics, Privacy Settings and CSV Uploads. We’re thrilled to hear the overwhelmingly positive feedback about these features!

Going into 2017, we spoke to many of our customers about their mobile event app needs. Based on these discussions, we are announcing three new 2017 plans: Basic, Core, and Team. Our plans are still the most affordable on the market and still start at $399. The major change is that these new plans are differentiated by feature and offer flexibility to choose the exact number of apps in your plan.  

What are the new plans?

Our Basic plan is $399 for a mobile evernt app with all app features. The $499 Core plan offers additional admin tools like Privacy, Analytics, and Bulk Content Uploads while the $599 Team plan allows for an unlimited number of admins to help you create and edit apps. You can add more apps to the Team plan and get increasing volume discounts if you buy more apps upfront. You can see our new pricing below as well as on our pricing page starting December 1, 2016.*

mobile event app

For customers looking to purchase more than one app upfront, we offer volume discounts. You can see details of our volume pricing here.  

Why this change?

Our new plans address two key things we learned from talking to customers:

  • Flexibility in the number of apps: Our legacy plans bundled specific number of apps per plan. Customers told us they wanted the flexibility to choose the exact number of apps in their plan.
  • Flexibility in features: Many of our customers only had one event a year but had a team of people they wanted to work on the app with them. Some also needed sophisticated admin features such as mobile event App Analytics and Privacy settings. While others wanted the low price of Yapp and didn’t need all of the admin controls.

Our new plans try to balance these aspects of customer needs and provide more flexibility to choose apps based on the needs of the customer.

For current mobile event app customers

If you’re a current customer and happy with your current plan, nothing is changing for you. You are grandfathered into your existing plan and your current pricing and package including for when you renew. We appreciate the loyalty of our customers, and if you have any questions, please see our FAQ.  In addition, if you are an existing customer you will see old pricing until the end of 2016 when you go to the pricing page. If you want to upgrade for more apps, until 12/31/16 you can choose either legacy or new plans to upgrade to.

*Must be a new user or logged out to see new pricing