[New Features] Richer People Pages & Profile Claiming

Great news! You can now create richer profiles with dynamic people lists & profile claiming!

Richer Profiles 

You asked for it and we listened. Today, we are pleased to announce even more ways for users to connect with richer profiles. We’ve taken what we built and added more fields providing a richer, more complete profile. 

Your users can now add:

  • Personal information (job title, photo, location and bio)
  • Contact information (phone, email, WhatsApp)
  • Social Accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more!)

With the addition of these new fields, users can connect with each other easier than ever before. 

Dynamic People Pages

We have taken our People Page, which up until now needed to be manually maintained and updated by an admin, and made it dynamic. This means that your app users can now be in charge of their profiles including what contact information they want to show. 

As an admin, you can go to any People page and enable users to add themselves to it. All a user has to do is tap on the “Add Profile” button from their device to open their Profile Editor, complete the information and tap “Save” to add their profile to the page. 

Until users start adding their profiles to the page, it can look somewhat empty. But don’t worry, this is where Profile Claiming comes in. 

Profile Claiming

With Profile Claiming, you can take the next step with our dynamic People Page by adding your own standard person records in advance. You can do this individually or by bulk uploading a CSV list to pre-populate the blank page you created. Then select the page setting for “Claim a profile added by an admin”.

A user can now click on that record and rather than add a profile, simply claim their profile. Once a user claims their profile, it will replace any admin added content with user generated content. Now, anywhere that record shows in the app, it will show the users content. 

Don’t worry, if you don’t like what a user has added, or they claimed the wrong profile, you can remove the claim over the original record.

We’d love to hear what you think! Give the new features a try and share your feedback here, post a comment below, or let us know your thoughts by sending a note to support@yapp.us. We are always working on new features and would love to hear from you.

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