Teachers’ Appetite for Tech

A survey by PBS LearningMedia published on Mashable says that teachers have an appetite for more inexpensive technology to engage students. We agree!

Teachers, here are a few ideas of how Yapp can work for you:
1. Class parties and after-school activities — Need to remind parents who signed up to bring what snack? Want to make sure parents know to pick up their kids at 5 sharp? We know parents sometime need as much schooling as kids do. 🙂
2. School assemblies, field trips, plays and special days — You can send push notifications with Yapp, which means Johnny won’t wear flip-flops on field day. 
3. PTA, school board meetings — Keep the meetings that impact education top-of-mind for participants. 
These are just three of the endless possibilities of how teachers can use Yapp, what are your ideas?