What the Tech?! The Internet of Things

It’s the hot topic at CES 2014. But what exactly is the “Internet of Things”?

Internet of Things


Internet of Things, n;
The basic interconnected-ness of objects through the wireless Internet. So, being able to control things (and things being able to control themselves) through the Internet and Internet-connected devices. The term was officially coined in 2009, and grew popular through the Auto-ID center (researching RFID technologies) at MIT.

As it’s still a new idea, there are a lot of ideas defining the Internet of Things. Companies like Nest are leading the pack. Their thermostat can be controlled remotely via smartphone app, and eventually learns settings and adjusts on its own accordingly. Many other gadgets growing out of the Internet of Things use personal data to keep you constantly connected to the web. Wearable fitness trackers, connected cars, smart appliances, and even Internet-controlled locks are in the ethos, and at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

The bottom-line idea behind the Internet of Things is to connect all things to the Internet, and then to each other — probably through your smartphone. Already, you can use a wearable fitness device when you’re out for a jog, then see all your data in an app once you’re home. In the near future, it’s possible that your fridge will sense a change in weight on a certain shelf, then send a note to your phone reminding you to pick up milk.

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