7 Things You Couldn’t Do Before the iPhone

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January 9, 2007, the iPhone was unveiled to the world at Macworld by Steve Jobs. In case you don’t remember the world before that stylish touchscreen, here are a few things your couldn’t do on January 8, 2007.

1. Text Without a Keyboard

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The iPhone 1 was the first smartphone without a keyboard. Fun autocorrects were much less prevalent before this day.

2. Scroll With Your Finger

Yep. All scrolling on smartphones was previously done by arrows, navigation balls, stylus, or not at all.

3. View your voicemail

Before this January day 7 years ago, everyone had to listen (not even read!) their voicemails with no control. The horror!

4. Check out anything in landscape

For the widest webpages and most horizontal photos, justice.

5. Pinch & zoom

Never before was zoom this simple.

6. Navigate a map on your phone

They once were friends, Apple and Google.

7. Cheer like this guy about having an iPod, a Phone, and the Internet in your pocket.

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