What the Tech?! The M7 Motion Co-processor

What the...M7


Heard whispers about the M7 motion co-processor that Apple’s new iPhone 5S, iPad Mini and iPad Air are equipped with? If you then responded with a jumble of techy words like “Javascript” and “microchip”, you might need our help.


M7 Motion Co-processor, noun;

Also known as the Apple M7, the motion co-processor is a chip that lives inside your iPhone and never sleeps. It utilizes a bunch of different tools like a gyroscope and accelerometer (which translate to measure your steps and speed, respectively), and stores that data for apps that can use it.

The addition of the M7 is huge for fitness apps. Moves, which tracks your steps, can accurately measure every step you take when your phone is on your person, and know when you’re running, biking, or using speedier transportation.

Sure, apps like this have existed before the M7. What makes it an innovative step forward is it’s ability to feed data to apps even when the device is asleep or the app isn’t open. This means longer battery life and less energy wasted by the more than a billion smartphones in the world.


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