The Homescreen: Emily Miethner, Founder of FindSpark

Emily FindSpark

Emily Miethner
Founder & President, FindSpark


Emily founded FindSpark (formerly NY Creative Interns) in 2010, and the organization has grown to become the largest Meetup group for interns and recent grads in the country. We <3 working with FindSpark, not only to hunt for our incredible interns, but also for their various conferences, mixers and meetups throughout the year.

Following FindSpark relaunch and 3rd birthday party, we asked Emily what’s on her phone.

How are your apps organized?

My first screen is what I use the most often. After that, I organize by type, like travel, business, social, and photography.

What’s your most used and/or most useful app?

I have a simple app called Tracker Lite. I use it to keep track of how often I go to the exercise, what I do, and for how long. It looks like a calendar so I can easily see how I’m doing and my progress each month. I also have Hootsuite on my home screen so I can easily manage social media for FindSpark. Lastly, I’d have to say Google Drive has made some great updates, including being able to logon to multiple accounts at once. We organize everything on Google Docs so it’s great to be able to access and edit our files on the go.

What’s your guilty pleasure app?

Pinterest. I just added it back on my phone because I have a new roommate moving in and we have a board for furniture and decoration ideas. I like to tell myself it’s useful, but it’s definitely a guilty pleasure app as well.

What’s the last app your downloaded?

I just downloaded a bunch of retail apps just to see what’s going on in that space, like Free People, Express, Staples, and the Gap.

Your best friend just got a new phone — what’s the first app you’d tell them to install?

Venmo! You can easily send money to people with no fee. Great for splitting bills with friends and roommates.

Find Emily at @emilymiethner and @findspark