What the Tech?! WYSIWYG


WYSIWYG, adj.;

What You See Is What You Get; describes an online editor that lets you easily build blogs, websites and apps. Often also called a ‘drag-and-drop’ editor, these tools take away the need to know code and have professional design skills to build an online presence. It is often pronounced “wizzy-wig.”

With this kind of building tool, the user (that’s you!) views something close to if not exactly the end result while creating. You’ll see exactly where the buttons and widgets will go, how fonts will appear, how movement will interact with sections. This is the method used by tools like Wix and Weebly for website building, and also on Yapp.

The screen you see in the center of the Yapp editor is almost identical (currently at least, on iOS) to how the app will look on your phone or tablet. Our co-founders wanted to create a super-simple app-builder that would let any and everyone create mobile apps for the parts of their lives that are most important to them. From that vision, our drag-and-drop editor was born. This concept and execution has resulted in a ton of success for Yapp, including the recent selection of our CEO and c0-founder Maria Seidman as an Emerging Entrepreneur of 2014 finalist in Entrepreneur Magazine. We want to add even more exciting WYSIWYG features in the future to keep our editor convenient and helpful for our users.