Tips & Tricks: Sharing Your Yapp

You’ve spent a few hours putting together an awesome app, complete with all the info your group could possibly need. Now, it’s time to share it. We’ve pulled together a few proven tips and ideas to help you get the word out.


Customize your ID. Once you publish your Yapp, you’ll see an option to customize your Yapp ID. This adds a little flair to your Yapp and simplifies sharing with friends, family, colleagues and others. If you don’t see the blue ‘Customize’ button after you publish, you can tap the Gear icon in the upper right corner of your Yapp’s info card on the dashboard and choose “Customize.”

Spread the word. Now that you have your ID, share it! You can do this using one of the 5 options on your dashboard (email, Twitter, Facebook, QR code, and SMS text) or you can send it out through your own email client, phone, or other method.

You should include your sharing link in the body of the email just in case users have trouble with the buttons. This way, they’ll still be able to refer back to retrieve the app, simply by tapping the link in the email.

It’s also helpful to include download instructions. We’ve put together an easy 3-step script that you can copy, paste and distribute:

  • Visit[CUSTOMID] on your iPhone or Android
  • You’ll be taken to the app store to download Yapp.
  • Open Yapp and [Your App Name] will sit inside.


Have other great ideas for sharing your Yapp? Let us know in the comments!