Yapp for Back to School

Ready to head Back to School? There’s a Yapp for that!

Student Clubs and Organizations: Keep members in the loop. Trying to recruit people? Stir up some excitement by creating an awesome photo gallery of previous years! Include a “members” page with information about different club leaders.

Sports teams: Use Yapp for your team’s practice schedule, or share with family and friends to build hype for games. You can even send push notifications when you win!

Group work: Planning a group presentation? Create a Yapp to schedule meeting times, keep other members updated and bounce ideas off each other even when you’re not in the same room!

Sorority and Frat rushes and events: Get the whole campus excited about your parties. Upload pictures to the newsfeed in real time, and keep a schedule of different events happening over the weekend.

Rehearsal for plays/orchestra: Yapp makes it easy to keep track of your entire rehearsal schedule, and get updates about it through your newsfeed, or push notifications. For plays, how about creating a “cast” page where people can read about the actors?

And here are some ideas for teachers!

What are your ideas?