Yapper Monday: Groups and Meetings

Yapp is the perfect tool for keeping up with monthly meet-ups, be they training commitments or wine nights. Here are a few group Yapps we’re admiring.

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The DeNucci’s created this Yapp to plan their “almost monthly” card games, with a schedule of dates, a feed of comments and a gallery to remember the nights.

Fitness trainers the LaFrance’s are using their Yapp to keep in touch with their training group. They use the news feed to keep each other motivated and on track plus the schedule to keep track of classes.


This newly-minted bible study group meets once a week, but keeps in touch every day with their Yapp news feed and schedule.


Wine is a great (and tasty) way to make new connections. Tiffany Booker’s UnCorked Wine Club Yapp keeps members updated on meetups and the finest wines.