Celebrating Autism Awareness: Mumble Jumble

April is Autism Awareness Month and we have been featuring an app each week that is loved by and influential in the Autism community. This week, as our final installation, take a look at Mumble Jumble, an iPad app that helps conversation.

Mumble JumbleMumble Jumble is designed for the iPad and also available as a physical tool. The game presents a player with 10 common statements in no order. By moving statements from one column to the next, players are able to create flowing conversations.

By arranging the statements, users see an example of appropriate social conversation that they have successfully built and could even study to use outside of the practice app. Reading rather than formulating the conversation makes those with more severe communication difficulties feel comfortable.

Though the game is built with rewards and timers, they can all be adjusted or turned off depending on a user’s comfort level with those added stresses. Mumble Jumble is a fun and interactive way for someone learning the art of conversation — either alone or with others — to feel comfortable navigating the words.