How to Make the Most Out of an App for Prom

Friday, we told you about 5 apps to download for your prom day/night/weekend. While those will help with your shopping, grooming, arriving and partying needs, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for making your own awesome app to prep, party, and party some more.


An app can be useful (we’ll show you that in a minute), but it can also be a sweet and surprising way to get creative with the all-important question: “Will you go to prom with me?”

Prom With Me?One of our Yappers created a simple app to ask his date. Inside is just an invitation page, which is really all you need in this case. Creating a simple Yapp for free with a personal touch, then sending your date-hopeful the link isn’t necessarily a sure thing, but it’s an applaudably creative approach.

Need other app-y inspirations for asking out your chosen guy or gal? These marriage proposals should apply to prom dates, too.



Prom is often a group affair. Keep all of your plans contained to an informative Yapp, rather than spread across Facebook messages and errant text messages. Keep information about when to show up for pictures (and where), dinner reservations, the big dance, and the after party locale in a schedule, use the news feed to send updates, and show off outfit options in crowd pics.



The most memorable bit of the evening is the traditional huge gathering after the dancing is done. For a group using the app for the main event, it can always carry into plans for the after party. Some schools offer organized after-prom events, like the one organized by Oconee County High School.

After Prom OconeeThe organizers arranged a scavenger hunt using crowd pics, a schedule of movie screenings and games, and provided students a place to post pictures from the night.