[Cheatsheet] 3-Month Event App Marketing Plan

Mobile apps for events have become the norm at nearly any event you may attend. Mobile penetration is close to 90% so we know event attendees are on their mobile devices. However, lack of a proper or no event app marketing strategy at all can severely hurt event app adoption rates. The best way to ensure your event app has a high install rate is to have a well thought-out and multi-channel event app marketing plan. Don’t have time to create the event app marketing strategy? No problem! That’s why we’ve created this event app marketing plan for you. Kick off your mobile app marketing when you start registrations for your event so the event app becomes synonymous with your event from the get-go.

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Before the event  

In order to get the highest install rate, you should start marketing your mobile event app 60-90 days before your event. If you start registration for your event sooner than that, then the event app marketing should start with it. Starting early will give you time to try out different marketing angles, hit all the major channels, and schedule in several reminders.

90 – 60 days to the event

This is the time to start to get your event app ready for the big reveal! The key to your mobile app marketing strategy here should be to prominently feature the event app on your event webpage, registration thank you emails and everywhere else that you are marketing or talking about your event.

Event app marketing cheat sheet - 90 to 60 days to the eventTip: This does not mean that your app needs to be fully completed. You just need the basics in the app and your easy-share URL created so you can start marketing your app right away.

59 – 45 days to the event

During this period, your event app marketing strategy should focus on getting your event staff or volunteers on board about the app. The key to a high adoption rate for your app is making sure all stakeholders are also contributing to the mobile app marketing. Encourage all event staff to download the app and consider recruiting an enthusiastic volunteer or well known industry personality to serve as an ambassador for the app on event day.

Event app marketing cheat sheet - 59 to 45 days to the eventTip: As registrations are starting to come in, schedule an event app marketing triggered email to go out a few minutes after someone registers for the event.

44 – 30 days to the event

At this stage, your event app marketing should shift to bringing on speakers, sponsors and other external stakeholders as event app enthusiasts. Tell sponsors of the various ways you’ll highlight key partners in your event app. Encourage your speakers and attendees to finalize their decks and other information for submission in the app.

Event app marketing cheat sheet - 44 to 30 days to the eventTip: When sending out the newsletter to your list to download the event app, exclude users who have already downloaded it.

29 – 15 days to the event

As you’re approaching just weeks before the event, double-down on your mobile app marketing efforts on all fronts. Your app content from speakers, sponsors and other logistical information should be added to the app by now.

Event app marketing cheat sheet - 29 to 15 days before the eventTip: Leverage the action going on in the app as part of the event app marketing strategy. You can use several easy marketing tools to create images with screenshots of your event app.

14 – 8 days to the event

Your event app marketing plan should now focus on creating excitement around the mobile app. Internally, this can be done by hosting a pre-event training session with staff. Include a demo of the app and highlight 2 features they should mention to attendees. With attendees, encourage action in the app with push notifications as well as emails for users who haven’t yet downloaded the app.

Event app marketing cheat sheet - 2 weeks before the event

7 – 1 days to the event

It’s almost time for the event! Make all final changes as needed and use push notifications to alert attendees of any key logistical announcements or to prepare for the event. Send out 2 emails this week and publish daily social media posts. The event app should stand out as the clear go-to for all things surrounding the event for attendees, sponsors and speakers.

Event app marketing cheat sheet - 7 to 10 days to the eventTip: In the email, highlight new items added to the app, and suggest actions they can take in the app now such as creating a personalized event schedule.

At the Event

Day 0

If it’s the day of your event and you still don’t have an adoption rate you are happy with, there is still time! You should plan several app marketing strategies and tactics at the event. Monitor your analytics and install rate leading up to the event and prepare to use any of these tactics as needed the day of the event. In fact, implementing them will only help you – it’ll result in higher engagement with your app and attendees are more likely to download your next app right away!

Event app marketing cheat sheet - day of the eventTip: Morning of the event, make sure all staff members have the event app on their phones and know the canned message they can share with attendees to download the app.

Post Event

The marketer’s job isn’t done after the event is over. There is plenty you can do in the app to keep the momentum going and continue to engage your attendees.

Event app marketing cheat sheet - after the event

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What are some other tips and tricks for marketing your mobile event app that have worked for you?