Event App Marketing Templates & Pre-Written Content

You did your research – Google, talked to colleagues, had sales calls, did a few trials – and finally settled on the mobile event app for your next event. You’re excited about the time, money, resources and stress this mobile event app will save you compared to massive email chains, paper agendas and running to the printer. But wait…first you need to have a strong marketing plan for your event app to make sure your attendees (and prospective attendees) know about the event app. Don’t have time for that on top of all of the massive to-do list for your event? No problem – we’ve done the work for you! Simply download the package below, make minor edits to reflect your event app information and market away!

What’s in This Editable Event App Marketing Package

1. Website marketing blurbs

Your registration page or website is the main go-to place for your event information. Market your app on the main page as well as the registration thank you page.

Tip: Switch up the content at least every other week to avoid fatigue of the same message or ad.

2. Social media posts (images included)

This package includes editable social media post images that can be used for both Twitter and Facebook posts. Plus, there is a spreadsheet with pre-written social media posts for both channels starting from before you launch the event app till day of the event. You can also use these posts for other social media channels such as LinkedIn or Pinterest.

3. Email marketing content

Download pre-written emails with the subject line and copy for a variety of messages including an event app launch email, an automated message for event registrants and an email promoting specific features. 

Tip: Include plenty of options to click through to the app – with 1-2 buttons as well as hyperlinks throughout the email.

Bonus: Have a newsletter for your organization, event marketing emails or other communication going out? You can rework the social media posts or website content week after week for constant reminders.

4. Event app flyers

At the event, you’ll want posters and handouts distributed all around the venue. This doesn’t have to be take a ton of time or resources. Simply download these templates and edit them to showcase your event app and app benefits!  Alternatively, use these flyers as handouts or other visual placements.

Download & Edit The Marketing Package

How to Use This Package

  • Copy-paste specific content you’d like to use and replace the event name, date, easy-share URL and other items with that of your event.
  • Make copy tweaks to reflect the tone and style that will appeal to your attendees.

General Tips and Tricks for Event App Marketing

  • Include visuals such as images with screenshots of the app or videos highlighting key app features. Here are 9+ effective and easy tools you can use to help market your event app.
  • Don’t be afraid to repurpose the content (text as well as visuals) across multiple channels. Example: The banner ad you create for your website can be perfect as a header image in the email.
  • Start marketing early (as soon as registration starts) and continue to remind attendees as you get closer to the event (even day of the event). Again, don’t be afraid to tweak and repurpose content over time. Here is a 3-month event app marketing cheat sheet.

Download & Edit The Marketing Package

Were these templates helpful? What are some other channels you use for marketing that we’re missing here? Tell us in the comments below.