Get Content in Your Mobile Apps in Seconds

At Yapp we pride ourselves in having an incredibly user-friendly mobile app builder so professionals at small associations to large enterprises can create mobile apps for events, meetings, groups, internal communication and employee engagement quickly and easily. We aim to make app creation as simple and fast for you as possible. With that in mind, we are excited to launch a new feature in Beta that will significantly reduce the amount of time spent on building an app with Yapp…

.CSV Uploads – Bulk upload content into the app in seconds

CSV Upload Screencast

How does this work: 

  1. Prepare the content you’d like to upload in a .CSV file (Tip: To save an excel file as a .CSV, just hit save as and choose .CSV for the format).
  2. Make sure the date format is mm/dd/yyyy and time format is hh:mm AM/PM.
  3. If you are uploading content to a People or Sponsor page and want to include photos, make sure the URL is something that is publicly accessible (Tip: To test this out, paste the link into an incognito browser and confirm it is accessible).

If you are unsure what the columns should be or to ensure the smoothest experience, download the template for the appropriate page here.

Best part? This feature will bring you just a couple of steps away from getting data from any spreadsheet, software or website into your mobile app and at your users fingertips! You are already maintaining a spreadsheet with the schedule as you plan your event, or you have a people list for speakers, attendees or staff that can be downloaded to a .CSV file. Now, you can upload this data into the mobile app quickly and seamlessly. This along with many other features that are part of Yapp’s award-winning mobile app builder, you’ll save hours of time on mobile app creation.

Wondering what you’ll do with all of this free time? Here are some ideas:

  1. Pretend to continue working on the app. No one will believe you that the app was ready in minutes anyway!
  2. Go out for a walk (Code for “catch some pokemons”).
  3. Call your parents and chat a little longer this week.
  4. If you insist on sticking to app related work, market your app with tips from this Event App Marketing Guide.

If you have feedback about this or other features, let us know at or leave us a comment here!