Feature Friday: Apps for Social Good

It’s Feature Friday, and in honor of International Day of Peace, we are celebrating apps for Social Good. Here are our top five picks!

GoodGuide: scan an item’s barcode to quickly learn about its health, environment and social responsibility ratings. A fast way to stay a responsible shopper!

Free Rice: this word definition game helps to alleviate worldwide hunger. As of now, the app and website have collected over 77 billion grains of rice!

The Extraordinaries: instead of playing Angry Birds on your phone, check out this “micro-volunteering” app, that gives you small tasks and missions to complete to help organizations.

Volunteermatch:n app that connects people with different volunteer projects in their area. You can sign up for opportunities, or save them for later. And, the app is free!

Raise5:Volunteer your talents and skills (ranging from writing, making a funny youtube video, singing  song), and purchase other user’s offers. All proceeds go to charity.

Know of any others? Tell us about them!