International Leaders Forum Yapp by the National Democratic Institute

Francoise Stovall, the Interactive Communications Manager at the National Democratic Institute (NDI) used Yapp for the International Leaders Forum (ILF) that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina last month.

Every four years, NDI hosts diplomats, party leaders and elected officials from around the world— a prestigious group of visitors. This year, the ILF event hosted 300 visitors from 100 countries who were staying in 5 different hotels. The NDI had more than 12 events planned, so as you can image, there were a lot of moving pieces.

Francoise found that Yapp was a huge help in coordinating these moving pieces. “Yapp added a layer of convenience for staff members who needed to communicate information seamlessly to guests,” she said. The app that Francoise created for the forum had the phone numbers of the regional conference coordinators in one place, hotel information, a detailed schedule, addresses of event activities and panelist bios. The forum hosted 8 panels about international and domestic politics with nearly 50 panelists. The Yapp also included media guidelines, cab companies, and information on local restaurants.

The app had the team ready for anything. “We found Yapp to be the perfect solution to building an intuitive in-house app. Yapp helped the Institute look innovative and forward-thinking,” Francoise said.

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