A Yapp Event App That We Love: Secret Table

Shannon Bae stumbled across Yapp through a basic Google search. Shannon knew she wanted to create a mobile app, she just didn’t realize how easy that task would be.
“There are other ways you can create a way more intense version of your own app, but why would you bother? There are so many things to do when you’re planning an event,” Shannon said. “Yapp looks great and the themes are fun. The best part is that Yapp allows you to be creative in a simple way.”

Shannon now creates a Yapp for each Secret Table, an incredible communal dining experience hosted by the catering company she works for, Secret Ingredients.

Secret Table takes place monthly in LA in someone’s home to create an experience that is relaxed and personal. People come together and enjoy a unique dining experience. “You feel like you’re at a friend’s house,” Shannon explains.