Hey Event Superhero, Discover the Power of Event App Analytics

Batman has the bat-mobile, Captain America has his shield, Iron man has his suit, Spider-Man has the web shooters…and you, Event Superhero, have Event App Analytics.

If you are looking to understand, improve and supercharge your events, event app analytics can be the best superpower at your disposal. How many attendees installed the app? Did they use it during the event? What pages did they find most useful? Which days had the most event app usage? All of these questions can help you drill down to better understanding not only your event app but also your attendees and hence help you take your events to the next level. Go ahead, throw on your cape,

Event App Gadgets (Metrics) That Matter

Just like Batman’s amazing state-of-the-art gadgets, there are certain event app metrics that are going to be the most useful to you. Let’s start by looking at which event app metrics you should be monitoring. It’s important to measure the performance of your event app from app level metrics such as installs to content specific metrics such as the most popular session. Below is a breakdown of all key metrics you should be measuring to better understand the true ROI of your event app as well as plenty of other benefits.

Put on your cape, Superhero, and start out with the basic event app metrics that matter.

  • Event app installs: This the basic metric you should be looking at for your event app. How many installs does your event app have? You’ll want to monitor this day over day from the time you start promoting your app. Compare this against the number of registrations/attendees.
  • Device breakdown: iOS or Android? Which device are your attendees on more? Monitoring this metric will get you that answer.
  • Event app views: This metric will show you the total number of times your event app was viewed by all the users. You’ll want to monitor this every day and encourage usage through push notifications, emails and other communication if event app views are trending down.

No need for Flash’s speed! Slow it down, Superhero, and monitor the performance of your event app over time.

  • Most popular day: This will tell you specifically which date had the most event app views. Monitor this and try to beat your best day by encouraging engagement within the event app such as posting photos or commenting on peers posts.
  • Additionally, look at charts for engagement (installs, views and participation on specific pages) for timeframes that make most sense based on your event date as well as event app promotion plan.

Forget about Professor X’s mind-reading powers, instead tap into content-specific event app metrics.

  • Most popular page: This will tell you which page has the most views from all of your users indicating which content your attendees are most interested in.
  • Viewed page: Besides looking at which page is most popular, you also want to monitor the popularity of other pages. Perhaps your sponsors page isn’t getting the views it should? A push notification directing attendees to the page can help spike up the views.
  • Poll results: For every poll you create, you will want to view the results.

Learn about event app analytics by Yapp.

7 Ways to Supercharge Your Event with Your Superpower, Event App Analytics

1. Understand and improve your events

Monitoring your event app analytics will tell you what content your attendees enjoyed. The right poll questions can help you get valuable feedback from attendees about the event. Uses this data to improve the logistics for your event right away if you can or apply the learnings to the next event you plan. An event app is the single best source of data for your event.

2. Inform your event app marketing efforts

The success of an event app lies with a high install rate. If your installs are lagging compared to your event registration, it is time to supercharge your marketing efforts. This Event App Marketing eBook can help you with tips, strategies, templates and pre-written blurbs to exponentially increase your event app install rate.

3. Increase event app engagement

Monitoring your app views over time will show you the trends in engagement. Drill down to content-specific data to see what is working well. If your install rate is high but the app views are far behind, you’ll want to send event app tips and tricks to attendees. Give them a reason to engage with the app on a daily basis: respond to a poll, ‘like’ a comment you made about how event prep is going, post questions, create their customized schedule and much much more.

4. Impress sponsors

Sponsors, exhibitors and other partners have many choices when it comes to investing their dollars and resources into events (or other channels). This means, just highlighting sponsors in the event app won’t be sufficient. Instead you’ll want to prove to them that they are getting a good return on their investment is crucial. Show them event app install rate, app views and especially the popularity of the page they are featured on.

5. Get more sponsors for next year

By proving to sponsors that they did indeed get a good deal of impressions for their brand, you’ll be able to much more easily convince them to come back for next year’s event. In fact, sharing some high level stats with potential sponsors can help acquire new sponsorships as well. The same applies for exhibitors and any other partner organizations.

6. Get a better handle on your event app ROI

Your attendees are at the center of your events. Monitoring even just the high-level install rate and app views will immediately tell you if your attendees used the app or not. If they’re using the app, you no longer need to print paper agendas (if you still are) which will result in immense cost savings.

7. Wow your boss, board or colleagues

With all of this data, easily available for you to share with your colleagues, you’re guaranteed to wow them. Be sure to get visuals such as a breakdown of app views by date or a pie chart of the poll results. This will make a fantastic addition to your event summary deck. No one has to know how easy it was to get this data together!

What to Ask Your Very Own Mr. Fox (Hint: Event App Provider) About Event App Analytics:

  • Which event app metrics do you provide? Better yet, make a list of the metrics that are important to you (the above list is our recommendation) and ask your event app provider if these specific metrics on your list will be available for your event app.
  • Can I see sample event app metrics? This type of data, while powerful, can take hours or days to calculate. It’s important that your event app provider has an Analytics platform that is easy-to-use. Ask them to show you the Analytics for a past app. See sample Event App Analytics from Yapp here. Better yet, get a free trial of the event app platform so you can try it out first-hand.
  • Is the data available real-time? Event app data is doubly powerful when it is available in real-time so you can monitor trends and take action right away.
  • Can I download the data? The ability to easily download and also manipulate the data as needed is crucial if you plan to save this data for future reference or share it with other stakeholders. If you can try out the App Analytics, give this a try as well.

Did we miss any specific event app metrics or the benefits of monitoring your event app performance? Share in the comments below!