Supercharge employee engagement with Social Feed by Yapp

Many corporations like Cole Haan and Verizon are using Yapp on an on-going basis to inspire, connect and engage their employees across the nation. Their year-round engagement and internal team communication apps serve as a tool for employees to connect with the brand, share brand inspiration, recognize peers and simply build a deeper bond with colleagues.

We’re taking employee engagement to the next level with a new feature: Social Feed

With Social Feed by Yapp, employees using their company’s internal communication app can not only post photos, comments and questions but also ‘like’ and comment on individual posts by their peers. Social Feed will supercharge your internal communication and employee engagement in seconds!

How does Social Feed for internal communication work?


  • Employees can write a text comment or post a photo from their mobile device. They’ll need to be logged in to participate.
  • Other employees can then ‘like’ the photo or comment posted by other users.
  • In fact, employees can even comment on a previous comment or photo post allowing them to have a back-and-forth conversation right in the Social Feed!
  • Social Feed is also a great public yet fun outlet for peer recognition.
  • Best part? Users will be notified via push notifications when someone comments or likes on their posts bringing them back to the app!
  • Finally: We get it, mistakes happen so employees can also edit or delete their posts.

You can leverage Social Feed in many ways for your employees. Here are some ideas:

  • Socialize: Much like Facebook, your employees will have one place in the communication app to interact with each other. They can post comments and photos and react to each other’s posts. Giving employees one place where they can post their brand inspiration, success stories and recognize their peers.
  • Networking: Building a bond with colleagues is often a priority for employees and in the best interest for employers as it helps with retention rates. Social Feed will serve as a perfect platform for employees to network with each other.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Event app admins can post clues or questions. Attendees can then respond to the post with their guesses.
  • Q&A: Social Feed can serve as a forum for employees to post questions whether it’s about HR policies, styling tips, product updates or anything else. Plus, admins (or other employees) can post a quick response right in the app!
  • Feedback: Leverage Social Feed as a place to collect real-time and candid feedback from employees. This will give you the opportunity to address their concerns right away.

Social Feed can be added to all apps immediately, including apps created as part of Yapp’s 14-day free trial. Get your 14-day free trial of Yapp today or click here to login to your Yapp account.

Can you think of other ways to leverage Social Feed to supercharge your employee engagement? Post your ideas in the comments below!